Tuesday 18 May 2021 (E4) 7:00pm – 7:30pm

  • Writer – Gareth Lemon
  • Director – Mickey Jones

One of the suspects of George’s murder tries to cover their tracks. Ste is furious with James for going behind his back. Martine confides in Misbah. Darren supports Brooke.

Following Theresa’s successful mission to debunk the witness statement, John Paul is released from prison and returned home, although he is still a prime suspect. He explains to his son, Mathew Jesus, why he went away. However, viewers will be shocked when someone tries to cover their tracks, but accidently leads the police straight to the murder weapon, but who is it…

Meanwhile, Ste is furious when he finds out that James went behind his back and confronts him. However, James continues to lie to get himself out of it, and Leah is furious when her dad takes James’ side over hers, and she snaps at him, telling him it was better when he wasn’t around.

Martine meets with Misbah in Salon De The, and confides in her about her biggest fears, not wanting breast cancer to define her.

Darren supports Brooke’s decision to experiment with men’s clothes. Later, he continues his mission to impress Nancy.