Friday 21 May 2021 (E4) 7:00pm – 7:30pm

  • Writer – Thabo Mhlatshwa
  • Director – Ian Curtis

Mercedes is confused when mysterious packages containing baby products appear on her doorstep, as Cher continues her cruel manipulation. Elsewhere, Tom prepares for the launch of his new café, but there’s an order mishap. And Sienna starts to enjoy Summer’s attention.

Mercedes is confused when several packages containing baby products arrive on her doorstep which she supposedly ordered, unaware that Cher is behind it all as she continues to gaslight her. To prevent Sylver from worrying, Mercedes makes up a lie to explain the orders.

Cher seizes the opportunity to taunt her even more when she gives Sylver an idea – to surprise Mercedes by displaying a baby cot in The Dog… but the tone-death gesture only upsets her more. That night, Cher dresses up as Mercedes for her most twisted act yet…

Sally has made an important decision, but many obstacles stand in her way. Also, John Paul gives Sally a difficult ultimatum after telling her he needs structure in his life, as he is struggling to be without George..

Summer continues to play games with Sienna as it becomes clear to the audience that Sienna is enjoying the attention…

Tom tries to make it up to Yazz after he accidently messes up a coffee cup order for the new cafe.