Tuesday 25 May 2021 (E4) 7:00pm – 7:30pm

  • Writer – Zoë Lister
  • Director – Ian Curtis

Summer has a big decision to make, but her mind is elsewhere as things heat up between her and Sienna. Cher continues to taunt Mercedes with her cruellest plan yet. Juliet surprises Sid with a date at The Hutch. Diane prepares for her baby’s arrival.

Summer is against moving to Manchester with Brody, but she quickly changes her tune when Sienna congratulates them, leaving Brody confused. Later, Summer gets Sienna alone A the school dance studio, and one thing leads to another until they both succumb to temptation… However, the pair are unaware that Brody is in the school, searching for Summer, will he catch them in the act…

Cher tells Mercedes that she thinks her irrational behaviour is due to her being pregnant, as she tries to convince her to take a pregnancy test. Later, love-struck Romeo rushes to see Mercedes after Cher tells him her marriage is on rocky ground. Afterwards, Mercedes takes a pregnancy test…

Diane is feeling overwhelmed as her due date is fast approaching and she hasn’t sorted everything for the baby’s arrival. Tony gets boxes from the loft but Diane worries they’re all dirty, so she tells Tony she wants them all gone.

At the Salon De The, Juliet surprises Sid with a date with Raya, a fellow student, which goes surprisingly well, until Courtney shows up…Later, Sid has a shocking confession for Romeo and Tom…

Yazz is giving out free coffees at the park to get more customers.