Wednesday 26th of May 2021, RTE One, 8:00pm – 8:30pm

(Picture: RTE)

Renee’s suspicions are aroused when Ellie takes a mysterious turn.

Nora’s put out when Ray and Olwen find common ground.

Damien and Mairead return from their honeymoon, but not everyone is convinced by their show of togetherness.

Bosco reminds Hughie that Renee doesn’t share his enthusiasm for Heather’s plans.

Seeing Damien and Mairead sharing a happy moment, Will hides his bitterness but can’t resist making a couple of digs.

Olwen and Ray swap tales of revolution but Nora feels excluded.

Renee suspects Heather tampered with Ellie’s food to make her faint.

(Picture: RTE)