Filmed during the autumn of 2020, the RTS award-winning documentary series returns for a 24th series, following patients treated in the same 24-hour period at St George’s in south west London.

(Picture: Channel 4) Jane

The hospital has one of the busiest A&E departments in Britain – a place where stories of life, love and loss unfold every day. This episode follows newly qualified consultant Mehrad, along with the stories of three patients who illustrate the love that exists within undeniable family bonds.

Mark, who’s 69, is rushed to St George’s after collapsing on the tennis court. Dr Mehrad leads the team in resus as they work quickly to bring his dangerously high heart rate under control.

Dr Mehrad recounts what it’s like to work under pressure and the satisfaction of saving a patient’s life. Shiragha, who’s 56, is rushed into St George’s after collapsing at home with shortness of breath. His daughter BK travels with him in the ambulance and tells the story of the sacrifices her father made for their family to have a better life.

(Picture: Channel 4) Dr Mehrad

Harry, who’s 26, has hurt his head playing football. Harry talks about the respect he has for his father as well as the maturity he has gained as he grows up.

24 Hours In A&E returns on Channel 4 at 9pm tonight (Monday 31 May 2021)

(Main Image: Channel 4) (L-R) Rahail, Josey, Trevor, Jane, Sobika, Pedro, Sophie, Martyn, Alison and Mehrad.

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