Last night Sharon tasered Jenny who hit the floor and tonight it was Sam hitting his kidnapper with a telescope that made them hit the deck!

Padded on the inside, hard on the outside. Nope this wasn’t Gary but little Sam’s telescope, which made the unlikeliest of weapons tonight.

Weeks of plot went into overdrive tonight as suddenly came to the conclusion that Sharon was just oh so slightly batshit crazy.

Gary – the hero that he is – wasn’t about to let Sam’s kidnapper get away and stole the keys to his van. Cue the ensuing chase.

(Picture: ITV) Sam proved the hero of the night

Sam who had heard the commotion took his telescope and went to have a look by which point Rick had cornered Gary and had his weapon pointed at him.

Maria who was talking to Rita in the Kabin heard the gun go off and went to look only to be greeted by Sam who said: “I’ve hit him but he still shot him, he shot Gary.”

Thankfully Rick had missed and Gary was fine. Sam had saved the day.

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By Eastieoaks

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