Monday 7th June 2021

PETER IS LOST BUT A LIVER IS FOUND Carla’s frosty with Sarah, claiming Adam has all but signed Peter’s death warrant by pulling out of the transplant. Meanwhile Daniel breaks the news to Peter that unfortunately his liver isn’t compatible. Finding Adam and Daniel in the pub Carla drops the bombshell that the transplant centre has found a liver for Peter but she can’t find him!

JOHNNY FACES THE FUTURE Johnny decides he’s putting the pub up for sale.

ALINA FALLS FOR HOPE’S FLATTERY When Tyrone realises he’s double booked himself with work and having the girls, Alina offers to help. Hope convinces Alina that Fiz won’t mind if she gives her eyelash extensions.

ELSEWHERE As Evelyn continues to milk her fake injury Bernie runs errands for her but assures Dev she has a masterplan.

Monday 7th June 2021

PETER GETS A SPECIAL DE-LIVER-Y Daniel finds Peter in the bistro, weak and on the point of collapse. Explaining that the hospital has found a liver match for him, Carla says an emotional goodbye as he readies himself for the op. Will Peter’s transplant be a success?

JOHNNY MAKES PLANS Johnny makes plans to sell the pub.

ALINA GET A TONGUE LASH-ING FROM FIZ Sarah offers Fiz some flexible hours at the factory as a machinist. Fiz is thrilled until Sarah reveals that it was Alina’s idea. When Fiz then calls at the salon flat to collect the girls, how will she react to Hope’s false eyelashes?

ELSEWHERE Bernie drops Cerberus home and with the aid of a doggy treat exposes Evelyn’s scam. Bernie tells Dev Evelyn will be back at work tomorrow and he owes her a drink.

Wednesday 9th June 2021

FIZ RESOLVES TO KEEP HER GIRLS AWAY FROM ALINA When Fiz hears about Tyrone and Alina’s sexy photo shoot she’s fuming and demands Ty contribute to Hope’s zoo trip. Meanwhile when Tyrone gets a call from school asking him to collect Hope as she’s been playing up, Hope takes her mood out on Alina before running into the road. Ronnie manages to stop as Alina explains how Hope ran in front of the car just to scare her. But as Fiz approaches what will Hope’s story be?

BERNIE AND DEV’S ROLE PLAY BECOMES VERY REAL When Aadi pokes fun at Dev’s nonexistent love life, Bernie comes to his rescue and makes out they’re off for brunch. Dev plays along but as the pair enjoy their pretend date, Dev suggests they go back to No.7 and continue their charade.

THE ROVERS STAFF FACE AN UNCERTAIN FUTURE At a staff meeting the news is broken to Sean and Emma that Johnny is selling the pub.

Wednesday 9th June 2021

FIZ PREPARES TO BATTLE FOR HER GIRLS Fiz tells Tyrone she has to put the girls’ safety first and he’s not to see them again until there’s a proper consent order in place. Tyrone’s horrified and points out that Ruby’s his daughter, not hers. Fiz reels whilst Evelyn’s furious at the line Tyrone has crossed. Reading a message from the bank, a riled Fiz approaches Adam, revealing she needs his help.

BERNIE RINGS DEV’S TILL Dev spells out to Bernie that she won’t be getting a repeat performance. Gobsmacked at his arrogance, Bernie tells Dev not to flatter himself.

DAISY MANIPULATES SEAN When Sean finds Daisy trying to flog Double Glammy products to Carol, he does his best to put her off. However Daisy persuades Sean that with his expert training she could make a great sales rep.

ELSEWHERE When Carla requests time off to look after Peter, Sarah suggests it would be best if she didn’t come back at all after her Lucas debacle. Carla’s fuming. Nina confides in Asha that she can’t stop blaming herself for what happened to Seb.

Friday 11th June 2021

TYRONE HAS REACHED HIS LIMIT Fiz is furious to find Tyrone has been out spending money clubbing with Alina again. When she reveals she intends to apply for a parental consent order for Ruby, Tyrone’s stunned and vows to fight her all the way. Back from a breakdown call, Craig approaches Tyrone and smelling alcohol on him, orders him to take a breathalyser test. An incensed Tyrone confronts Fiz, accusing her of trying to have him arrested in a bid to bolster her chances of custody. When Evelyn warns Fiz that there are no winners in a custody battle. Will Fiz back down?

NINA HITS SELF-DESTRUCT When Billy and Roy ask Nina to speak to Summer, who’s struggling sleeping and eating, Nina snaps at her, pointing out the extent of her own loss. Summer feels awful. Nina calls in the corner shop and whilst Dev’s distracted, steals a bottle of vodka. Attempting to put things right with Summer, Nina suggests they all have a drink. Clearly drunk, Nina cuts herself but refusing help she heads out leaving Summer and Asha worried. In the ginnel, in a bid to blot out her grief, Nina knocks back the bottle.

MARY IS SHOCKED AND THEN DISAPPOINTED BY DEV Aadi and Asha are horrified to realise Dev and Bernie are having some sort of relationship. Mary tears a strip off Bernie for taking advantage of Dev, but when she overhears Dev laughing with Steve, making out he only copped off with Bernie because he was drunk, Mary’s left troubled.

ELSEWHERE Daisy attempts to see off potential buyers at the Rovers, insisting to Jenny that they need to raise the cash themselves to buy the pub. Chesney and a nervous Gemma log on for their first sign language lesson.