Rewind a couple of years and Robert Sugden (Ryan Hawley) was sentenced to life imprisonment for killing his sister’s rapist Lee Posner (Kris Mochrie) after a blow to the head with a shovel.

Faster forward to 2021 and Emmerdale has just revealed that Robert might not have actually been the one to deal the fatal blow as Lee’s brother Luke (Max Parker) has just revealed a few hours before Robert hit Luke he had also got into an altercation with his brother that resulted in a blow to the head – and possibly the fatal blow that could have killed him.

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Next week

A conversation with Victoria affirms Wendy’s desire to try and reunite her with Robert.

On Main Street, Ethan’s unrepentant about blowing the whistle on Luke to Wendy. Ethan’s intrigued when Wendy asks for his help with something important and soon Wendy begs Ethan to find out if the information could help Robert.

Luke realises he might have helped kill his brother and Wendy’s starting to regret opening this painful can of worms.

Meanwhile, Luke’s determined to see things through with Vic but Wendy tries to make Luke see he needs to be honest with Vic about everything. But will he?

Emmerdale continues on Monday at 7pm

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