Tuesday 15 June Episode 1 – 7:35pm – 7:55pm

Stuart and Rainie head to the police station about Abi, while Karen and Tiffany accompany Bernie to her first weight-loss class. Mick is running late for Linda’s scan, only for events to conspire against him – will he make it there on time? Lily is angry when Ruby betrays her trust, and Rocky tries his luck with Kathy once again.

Tuesday 15 June Episode 2 – 7:55pm – 8:20pm

Mick explains his absence to Linda and the couple discuss what’s best for them and the baby. After telling Martin the bad news from the doctor, Ruby spends the evening with Lily and the pair begin to bond. Rocky steps in to help Kathy with the cafe, persuading her to finally take his number, and Tiffany feels left out as Keegan learns he has been shortlisted for the street food competition.

Wednesday 16 June Episode 1 – 8:10pm – 8:35pm

Tiffany calls a beautician to help prepare for her photo shoot, and keen to look her best, she makes a snap decision. Callum feels helpless about Fitzy, so Whitney promises to help him, Suki gets on the wrong side of Vi, and Nancy and Frankie meddle in Shirley’s love life. Jean has some advice for Ruby, who feels like giving up.

Wednesday 16 June Episode 2 – 8:35pm – 9pm

Things are looking up for Kat when she gets the keys to the launderette and Phil sorts out a taxi licence, until a comment from Sharon leaves her feeling uncertain. Ben is suspicious when he spots Callum and Whitney getting into a cab together, Tiffany tries to cover her mistake and Rocky pulls out the stops to apologise to Sonia.