Well here we are I never thought I’d be talking about the end of one of my favourite shows Holby City.

It came as quite a shock I tell you even with the recent exits of some long term characters such as Ric Griffin and Jac Naylor. I don’t think the recent downward spiral of the show is their fault but more to do with the shitty global pandemic and the restrictions in place to keep everyone safe and still working.

I’ve been fairly critical of the show over the years, some storylines I’ve loved (Keller Killer in Series 5/6) and others that were just wtf moments (Ric’s weird surgery dream of Diane Lloyd)

It gave rise to popular ships and representation of a lesbian couple on prime time telly with Bernie and Serena – only them like many couples were destined not to last.

It gave us some real tear-jerkers when Arthur Digby died in 2016 and again in 2019 when Jac Naylor had a breakdown.

Where it all started in 1999 (Video: BBC)

I am all for new dramas and soaps but it should not be at the expense of already established, popular, shows. Holby City worked from the off as it had the back story of Casualty behind it and decent, believable characters played by great actors. The show is to new talent what The Bill was in its time, a launchpad for actors and actresses just starting out and that is rare these days, not ignoring Doctors, to have a continuous guest cast week in week out where you get to see new and upcoming talent – it’s a major loss imo.

One of the major problems I find with any new soap is that as people’s TV habits change is there even a place for it? is it even a ‘soap’ if they decide to go the Netflix route and put out all the episodes at once, something becoming the norm.

The BBC already have a range of soaps they they don’t really care to promote that well Pobol y Cwm (Wales), River City (Scotland), and Doctors (Birmingham). River City turns 21 this year but still remains strictly on the BBC Scotland channel and unless you are actively searching it then it is easy to miss.

The BBC and press, imo, care very little about award-winning soaps like Doctors which turned 21 last year. It like Holby City has a constant guest cast but the soap sites don’t care much, the soap mags mention it in passing, and despite being on the afternoon, you’ll be hard pressed to see the BBC mention it.

(Picture: © BBC 2010)

If you can’t and or won’t promote what you already have what good will a new soap do?