Harvey is described as proud, traditional and fiercely protective of his daughter, who he has raised alone.

Bobby has been seen lying to Dana on their dates, using the alias Robert Hills and claiming he owns Walford East restaurant. Harvey is introduced as their relationship becomes more serious.

Barbara Smith made her debut as Dana in April this year. The character was originally credited as Dana Adams for her first episode but this was changed to Monroe for subsequent appearances. She previously played Ellie, a character who gave Bex Fowler ADHD medication to help her study in a 2019 episode.

Ross Boatman is best known for starring in London’s Burning and the BBC Two sitcom Mum.

(Picture: BBC)

Ross Boatman: “Some actors long for the glamour of the Hollywood hills Others dream about the bright lights of London’s West End. All I ever wanted was jellied eels, Albert Square and a cheeky pint at The Queen Vic. Words can hardly express how happy and excited I am to be here at last. I absolutely love the show and can’t wait to get started. I feel truly blessed.”

Ross will make his first appearance later this summer.

(Picture: ITV) Ross as Kevin Medhurst in London’s Burning