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Tracy tries to stay calm when guilty Nate breaks the news that the farm may have to be closed down if an infection’s spread. Concerned about money, he asks Tracy to return to work, and she agrees, trying to hide her panic about leaving Frankie.

That evening, as Nate books Lydia in for some childcare tomorrow to cover Tracy’s return to work, Tracy tries her best to sound positive. Left alone, we see how she’s struggling, clearly freaking out about leaving Frankie.

The next day, Tracy’s anxiety about leaving Frankie increases tenfold when Nate breaks the news that Lydia’s fallen ill and Faith’s taking over for her. Emotional Tracy opens up to a sympathetic Pollard about her feelings over leaving Frankie. When Pollard suggests she finishes for the day, Tracy dashes to get her stuff, desperate to get home. At Tug Ghyll, feeling an uncontrollable stab of pain, Faith drops Frankie’s dummy on the floor. Arriving home to witness this, Tracy struggles to contain her anger that Faith was going to return the dirty dummy to her baby.

Faith soon leaves, awkward to see no sign of thawing from Tracy after her faux pas with the dummy. Arriving home to find Tracy upset, Nate’s worried when she resolves not to go back to work, telling him that Frankie’s only safe with her…

Later, Wendy approaches Tracy to remind her of Frankie’s jabs tomorrow, Tracy’s uncomfortable at Wendy touching her baby with unwashed hands and rushes Frankie away.

Back home, Tracy’s stricken when she accidentally scratches Frankie while trying to wipe the germs off her face.

(Picture: ITV)

Later, helpless Tracy breaks down.

Emmerdale air these episodes from Sunday 20th June on ITV.