Diane confides in Gabby about Liam and the voicemails, leaving Gabby concerned for her mum.

Later, when Gabby gets drawn into Jacob and Leanna’s argument, she can’t help embellishing the facts about Liam and Bernice to attack Leanna. David’s left reeling by Meena’s sense of urgency after she suggests moving in and later tells her that she’ll have to wait a few weeks, as he’s worried about Jacob and wants some time alone with him.

(Picture: ITV)

Gritting her teeth, Meena tries to hide her displeasure. Billy’s angry when Jacob confronts him about Leanna, making him out to be a paedophile. Walking in on the confrontation, Leanna’s horrified.

Later, Leanna asks Jacob to give their relationship another chance, but he shoots her down harshly. She leaves, upset, but as Jacob drops his facade, it’s clear he still loves her too. Jealous Meena’s starting to see Jacob as an obstacle to her and David’s happiness.

Emmerdale air these scenes from Sunday 20 June on ITV.