Hollyoaks spoilers: Monday 21 June 2021

Monday 21 June – E4 at 7pm

  • Writer – Jessy Keely
  • Director – Neil J Wilkinson

In emotional scenes, pregnant Diane’s waters break while Tony is out of the house, but she refuses to let him in and go to the hospital as her mental health worsens. Elsewhere, Mercedes receives some devastating news, and Sylver is furious with Cher for keeping him in the dark.

Goldie confronts Mercedes over her fling with Romeo, and tells her that if she doesn’t tell Sylver the truth, she will… Mercedes goes to her first scan, where she discovers the devastating news that she’s not pregnant…

Later, Mercedes tells Goldie and Cher what’s happened, but when Sylver arrives to take Cher to her consultation, she pretends not to know anything. Mercedes turns to alcohol to cope with the heart-breaking news, and when Sylver finally finds out what’s happened, he shouts at Cher for not telling him sooner, which leads to Cher to do something drastic.

Tony sneaks out for a walk, and as luck would have it, Diane’s water breaks whilst Tony is out. When Tony arrives home to take her to the hospital, she refuses to open the door. He breaks the door down, and its emotional when Tony pleads with her to go to the hospital, as she refuses to leave the house. Later, the couple welcome their new born baby, Eva.

Theresa goes to see James, and tells him she needs his help, but he tells her that there is nothing they can do but wait for the trial.

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