Monday 28 June

Writer – Natalie Mitchell

Bernie tells Tiffany the weight-loss pills are not working fast enough and she needs stronger ones but her friend refuses. Vi encourages Stuart and Rainie to find a distraction from Abi, prompting them to make a decision about the surrogacy. Rocky has an idea to bring Mila and Iqra back together, while Isaac tells Lola he has a surprise for her.

Tuesday 29 June

Writer – Natalie Mitchell

Tiffany reluctantly gives more pills to Bernie, who is disappointed to discover she has not lost as much weight as she had hoped – convincing her she has blown her chance of becoming Rainie’s surrogate. Isaac pays a visit to Ruby at the club – and he has plenty to say – and Kathy helps to clear the air between Mila and Iqra.

Thursday 1 July – Episode One

Writer – Kevin Rundle

On the morning of Linda’s birthday, she receives an unexpected present from Max – and is even more surprised to notice the postmark. Frankie throws her stepmum a party, where Rocky and Shirley are getting on like a house on fire, although he is smitten when Kathy shows up. Ruby tells Jean she believes she doesn’t deserve happiness.

Thursday 1 July – Episode Two

Writer – Kevin Rundle

Rainie, Stuart and Bernie head to their insemination appointment – with Violet tagging along – after which Bernie receives her first instalment, but it’s less than she was expecting. Phil tells a stunned Kat that he wants Raymond to know he is his father, while Nancy suggests to Linda that it’s time Shirley and Frankie knew about the parentage of her baby. Chelsea still has her eyes set on Gray, asking Denise to babysit for his kids while they go out for a meal.

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