As the Pride flags flutter outside the village hall, Emmerdale is ready for Pride thanks to the efforts of Andrea. She excitedly tells Charles she has booked an extra special guest to open the event and he is in awe of her. Later, Ethan makes an eloquent speech that offers a message of acceptance for all on behalf of Emmerdale Pride and the church and he welcomes special guest The Vivienne to the stage. In all her glamour and glory she officially opens Emmerdale’s first Pride… 

Anna Nightingale plays Andrea Tate

“I was absolutely thrilled to be involved in Emmerdale’s first ever Pride episode. After such a time of restrictions and change in both real life and being on-set it was a breath of fresh air. When I got the script I was so excited to see Andrea was involved. “

“Andrea, Charles & Ethan are at the forefront of bringing the Pride celebration to the village. Andrea’s in her comfort zone when it comes to helping out with organising. She grabs her clipboard and address book and she’s on a mission! She wants to impress Charles and also cares about the movement.” 

(Picture: ITV)

“When we arrived on set that day, to see the incredible work the art department had done was quite emotional. The cast & crew have done an amazing job this last year of pulling together and doing the best job anyone could within the restrictions we’ve all faced. To see the colours and celebration of life was a beautiful thing. Carefully selected supporting artists were brought in, there was a buzz and it was just fabulous to be around people again!” 

“It’s very important for events such as Pride to be covered in soaps and drama. The more we can talk about any issues or expand on acceptance of any marginalised groups the better!” The Pride episode is full of surprises, love in so many forms and a splash of good old Emmerdale drama.”

(Picture: ITV)

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