Faith helps Liv; her approach is unorthodox but she is determined to get Liv back on track. When Faith falls over, Chas and Cain are convinced she’s drunk. But Faith is scared, avoiding confronting her worrying symptoms. Manpreet eventually convinces reluctant Faith to undergo some tests.

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Terrified Faith knows something is seriously wrong. Pollard spots there is something seriously wrong but Faith avoids divulging her health worries but collapses in a shocking fashion and Pollard realises she needs medical attention. Manpreet arranges an urgent MRI for her. Once she’s alone with Pollard, Faith confesses her fear that her cancer has come back.

Pollard continues to look out for Faith. Whilst unknowing Brenda confides to David and Meena she’s feeling neglected by Pollard; and prepares a romantic surprise for him. At the hospital, Faith sends Pollard away and he reluctantly leaves Faith alone to face her fate.

The next day, Pollard catches up with Faith and invites her to spend another night at the barn. Brenda is appalled to find Faith in her house wearing Pollard’s bathrobe, fuming she doesn’t want their explanations.

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When Chas happens upon the scene she gives her mum both barrels herself and leaves before Faith can tell her the truth. Faith begs Pollard to keep her secret from her family until she knows for sure what she’s facing. Pollard explains he sympathises but won’t throw away his relationship with Brenda – Faith needs to come clean to Brenda and her family today.

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