Meena Kills this week but who will meet a harrowing end? 


Meena offers to pay Jacob’s airfare if he wants to go travelling with Leanna, as long as he keeps it a secret. Jacob plays along, but, after Maya, he can tell when he’s being manipulated. Later, when Meena wants to celebrate Jacob’s impending departure, he’s only too pleased to burst her bubble. David’s oblivious as battle lines are drawn between Jacob and Meena. When Meena warns Jacob not to make an enemy of her, he’s left seriously unnerved. But what will Meena do to get Jacob out of the way?

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Joe-Warren Plant – Jacob Gallagher

Are you thrilled to be back at Emmerdale? 

I’m absolutely over the moon to be back on set with the gang! It’s been well over 8 months since I left the village to start my training for Dancing on Ice and I’ve missed it so much. Everyone at Emmerdale is like family to me and it felt like I was away from “home” for ages, having such a long time off. My DOI run finished early in February so I had like 2 months of doing nothing, literally just staying in bed, to recharge before coming back to work. 

What’s Jacob and Meena’s relationship like at this point?

Jacob and Meena do not see eye to eye. He sees her as a jealous and manipulative figure and has clocked onto the way she has been treating those close to David, like Leyla and Priya. He definitely does not agree with her actions and has stated to Leanna about how he is suspicious and doesn’t trust Meena.

Does Jacob find it hard to trust after Maya?

I believe Jacob is quite paranoid after everything that happened with Maya. He is quick to jump to conclusions, as we’ve seen when he accused Priya of coming on to him. However, after everything that he has been through Jacob won’t hesitate to address things when he notices red flags.

So what is going on with Jacob and Leanna at the moment?

Jacob and Leanna are currently going through a difficult patch. After being apart for such a long time whilst he was in Portugal, that put a strain on the relationship. Then turning down his proposal and finding out about her situation with Billy, that has really unsettled Jacob and has made him tentative when pursuing a happy relationship with her. Although, he still is very much in love with Leanna and wants to be with her deep down.

Do you think he would really leave the village and go travelling?

I think that Jacob, in ways, could be haunted by his past in the village. So if he gets the opportunity to go travelling with the girl he intends to marry then I think he would take it. But he’s got some things he needs to fix before that happens. 

Meena seems to have pulled the wool over David’s eyes so far but is Jacob on to her?

Jacob isn’t stupid. However, with all the troubles from his past constantly playing in his mind. Will he second guess his gut feelings?

How does he react when Meena warns him not to make an enemy of her?

Jacob is unnerved after her subtle threat and he has seen first-hand acts of authority and manipulation used against him so I believe it triggers something in his brain that takes him back to that dark place. Making him feel slightly scared in a way.

There are some quite menacing moments between Meena and Jacob. Does he realise just how deranged she is?

There is definitely strong tension between the two characters and Jacob is distrustful. However, I don’t think he is fully aware of her intentions or what she is capable of. 

Meena wants Jacob out of the way. Is he in danger? 

Jacob is very much in danger. Especially when there’s a killer so close to home.


Manpreet tells Liam that she wants to give her old travelling rucksack to Leanna to take on her travels, unaware that Meena has some personal possessions hidden in it. Meena confronts Manpreet about the rucksack and Manpreet tells her she gave it to Liam for Leanna. Later, Leanna is in her bedroom and is creeped out when Meena enters and asks for the rucksack. How far will Meena go to get her possessions back?

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David and Victoria arrange to look after their babies together. The sparks are starting to fly between them as they enjoy each other’s company. Later, caught up in their moment, David leans forward and kisses Victoria. If Meena finds out, how far will she go to make sure no one goes near her man?

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Isabel Hodgins – Victoria Sugden

What’s Victoria’s state of mind after the whole Luke drama?

Victoria has been let down by someone she loves. She went through hell and back after her ordeal with Lee and has been in a really vulnerable state of mind. Her relationship with Luke was unexpected but he did help Victoria. However, that trust has gone and Victoria has been left devastated by it all. 

David and Victoria have been getting on really well. What is it about his company that she enjoys so much?

They both bond over their kids and she feels like she’s in a safe pair of hands with David. They really get on and are comfortable in each other’s company.

David kisses Victoria. How does she react? 

Victoria kisses him back but I think she realises very quickly that what they are doing is wrong.

Does she have feelings for David?

There’s a spark there for sure. Victoria is going to find it hard to trust again after Luke but David is kind and decent in Victoria’s eyes

If Meena finds out about the kiss, what do you think she’ll do?

From what I now know about Meena, I can imagine she’s not going to take it well. I think anyone would be mad to find out their partner had kissed someone else, but Meena is on a different level.

We know she wants Jacob out of the way so she can have David all to herself. Could Victoria be in real danger if Meena realises how close she’s got to her man?

She most certainly could. I think if Meena can’t have her man then no one can. She doesn’t think like an average person and I for one would not want to be on the receiving end of Meena when she is in revenge mode. Victoria is out of her depth when it comes to Meena. 

Does she have any idea just how deranged Meena is?

I don’t think she does. Meena can say some very cutting things but she can also be the life and soul of the party. It’s a far cry from how Victoria feels at the moment. I don’t think she suspects what type of person she actually is. 

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