Dates for this week are TBC at this time!

Monday 12th July DATE TBC

RYAN’S GUILTY AFTER AN UNMEMORABLE NIGHT Ryan wakes up in Daisy’s bed. In the Rovers, Ryan begs Daisy not to let slip that he was with her last night. Later, Daisy, in front of Alya, purposely tells Ryan that she’s not happy about his lies when the truth is he ended up in her bed. Alya’s dumbstruck.

TODD FINDS A NEW LITTLE ‘URNER’ Andy the binman calls at the undertakers and handing Todd £7k in cash, explains that a local Big Issue seller, Matty, died and they had a whip-round for his funeral. With Andy gone, Todd places £2k in the till and stuffs the other £5k in a marble urn. Todd tells George about Matty’s funeral, how he was moved by his plight and agreed to do a £7k funeral for £2k as it’s all they’d managed to raise. Todd is horrified when he discovers the deceased’s brother, Mr Hendricks, has collected the marble urn.

FIZ GETS BACK IN THE GAME In the factory, Beth and Sean urge Fiz to sign up to a dating website. Fiz is excited to see she’s had a reply from a guy called Chris who’d like to meet up.

ELSEWHERE Eileen relents and tells Sean he can move back into No.11. When Steve reveals that he’s raised £96k for Oliver’s fund, but feels it’s time to take a step back, Curtis tells Emma about his plan to organise a charity naked calendar to help Steve reach his target of £100k.

Monday 12th July DATE TBC

DAISY REVEALS THE TRUTH Alya tells Ryan they’re finished. Alya confronts Daisy in the cafe. Jenny finds Ryan in Victoria Garden with his bag packed and offers him a bed at the Rovers. Daisy’s thrilled to discover Ryan’s come to stay and when Jenny accuses her of deliberately trying to break up Ryan and Alya, Daisy turns on the tears.

TODD’S PLAN COMES TO A DEAD END Mr Hendricks returns the urn to the undertakers. Todd checks the urn only to find the cash has gone and demands Mr Hendricks return the £5k. Mr Hendricks laughs in his face and leaves. Billy summons Todd, Summer and Will to the bistro and tells them he’s celebrating as he’s had the go ahead to spend £7k on a heat pump for the halfway house. Will corners Todd and suggests that if he’s struggling for cash, he should steal it from Billy.

FIZ IS STUNG AS SHE GETS BACK INTO DATING Fiz meets up with her date in the bistro only to discover that Chris is a reporter hoping to run a story on aggrieved women who’ve been dumped for a younger model. Fiz is furious but when Chris points out how good it’ll feel to tell the world the truth, she’s torn.

ELSEWHERE In the Rovers, Eileen advances on George and berates him for conspiring with Sean behind her back. George topples backwards, breaking his wrist and Eileen’s left mortified. Curtis and Emma run their charity naked calendar past Steve and Tracy.

Wednesday 14th July 2021 DATE TBC

THE HEAT IS ON FOR TODD Paul’s shocked to discover that he’s not been paid. In the builder’s yard, Ed admits he’s got a cashflow problem. Todd meets up with Will and tells him that he’ll need his help to steal the heat pump. Todd fails to notice Will steal his engagement ring. When Billy notices Todd’s missing ring, Todd panics and makes out he’s having it resized. Todd demands his ring back, but Will tells him he’ll get his ring when he hands over the cash. Having lured Ed out of the builder’s yard on the promise of a lucrative job, Todd borrows the undertaker’s van with the intention of using it to transport the stolen heat pump. As Todd sets about stealing the heat pump, Ed returns to the yard. He hears a noise and Todd is quickly forced to hide.

EILEEN GOES BACK TO BLACK Feeling guilty about George’s broken wrist, Eileen calls at the undertakers and offers to help out. When George asks her to help him collect a body from the hospital, Eileen’s horrified. Having collected the body and parked up the van, Eileen invites George in for lunch. Eileen and George exit No.11 and discover to their horror, the van has gone.

ALYA IS IN NO MOOD TO FORGIVE Having been summoned by Alya, a hopeful Ryan heads to No.6.

ELSEWHERE In the factory, Beth and Kirk grill Fiz about her date, but she refuses to discuss it. Maria urges Fiz to take Chris up on her offer and do the article as she’ll find it therapeutic.
When Curtis makes out that they’ve offered the Mr December top slot on the calendar to Dev, Steve falls for his ploy and argues that he’d be much more suited.

Wednesday 14th July 2021 DATE TBC

TODD GETS AWAY WITH DAYLIGHT ROBBERY Ed locks up and leaves. When Ed reports the heat pump as stolen, Craig wonders if he’s fallen out with anyone recently and Ed immediately suspects Paul. Craig finds Paul in the Rovers, clearly drunk and questions him about the stolen heat pump. Billy and Todd watch as Craig manhandles an angry Paul into a police car.

NO ’BODY’ CAN GET EILEEN AND GEORGE TOGETHER Todd returns the van to George, making out that he borrowed the van to help out a mate in crisis and would never have taken it had he known there was a body in the back. Todd meets up with Will in the ginnel and assures him he’ll have his money in 24 hours. George tears a strip off Eileen for her son’s behaviour.

DAISY PULLS IT OFF When Ryan reveals that he’s landed a DJ gig in Val d’Isere, Daisy is quick to suggest she could go.

ELSEWHERE Emma and Curtis talk Dev and Tim into agreeing to take part in the charity calendar. Fiz meets up with Chris and agrees to do the article.

Friday 16th July 2021 DATE TBC

PAUL IS OUTPLAYED BY TODD The police question Paul about the stolen heat pump. Having kept £1k from the heat pump money for himself, Todd tells Billy and Summer he got a bonus from work and he’s going to spend it on a family holiday.

TYRONE IS HAUNTED BY A GHOSTWRITER Having read the article an angry Alina confronts Fiz, pointing out that she never set out to steal Tyrone from her. Tyrone calls at the furniture shop and confronts Fiz over the article. At Alina’s suggestion, Tyrone approaches Daniel hoping that he’ll write an article telling their side of the story. When a furniture shop customer, Phill, suggests they meet for a drink, Fiz is flattered.

EMMA FINDS HER CALENDAR GUY Curtis realises he’s miscounted and signed up 13 models for the calendar. Brian agrees to take the photos for the charity calendar. Emma and Curtis agree that they’d like to take their relationship to the next level.

ELSEWHERE When Natasha calls to ask if Sam can stay the night with them, Nick’s thrilled and Leanne’s pleased to see him so happy. Natasha calls at Nick’s flat and tells him that there’s been a change of plan and Sam won’t be coming to stay after all. George calls at No.11 and explains to Mary that he owes Eileen an apology.