Monday 19th July 2021

ABI DISCOVERS THE NAKED TRUTH Whilst Brian sets up his camera for the photoshoot in the garage, Kevin shouts to Brian that he’s ready and drops his robe just as Abi enters the garage. Abi’s stunned to be faced with a naked Kevin. Debbie enters the corner shop to be faced by a naked Dev. Dev darts between the aisles trying to cover his modesty.

STEVE IS SUSPICIOUS OF CURTIS As Emma and Curtis head to the corner shop to set up for Dev’s photoshoot, Curtis’s phone rings. Making out he’s got a dental appointment, Curtis hurries off leaving Emma to sort out Dev’s photoshoot. When Debbie lets slip that Curtis is in the bistro with a young girl and looking very cosy, Steve’s concerned and sets off to find out what he’s up to. In the bistro, Steve approaches and demands to know what’s going on.

TODD’S ACTIONS HAVE CONSEQUENCES FOR BILLY Ed breaks the news to Billy that the insurance won’t pay out for the stolen heat pump. Billy meets up with the bishop and to Todd’s horror, tells him he realises he isn’t up to the job and would like to resign as archdeacon.

NICK FEARS HE AND SAM HAVE OVERSTEPPED THE MARK When Natasha asks if they can have Sam for the week, Nick’s chuffed to bits. As Sam scampers off to the bedroom to put up his astronomy posters, Nick watches him go, lovingly. Having shown Leanne the posters he’s put up in Oliver’s bedroom, Sam worries that he’s upset her. Nick suggests they take them down.

ELSEWHERE Over lunch in the bistro, Chris tries to talk Fiz into doing a follow up article.

Monday 19th July 2021

CURTIS BREAKS EMMA’S HEART Steve assumes Curtis is cheating on Emma and tears a strip off him and leaves. Curtis tells Emma it’s over between them. Steve finds Emma sobbing in the factory kitchen, Steve reckons she’s had a lucky escape. Steve confronts Curtis in the bistro. Curtis admits he’s got it wrong, trusting Steve with his secret, he makes Steve promise not to tell Emma. Steve calls at the salon flat to find Emma in bits. Steve battles with his conscience, aware of the promise he made.

TODD FIGHTS FOR BILLY’S SOUL In the cafe, Summer rounds on Paul and tells him how the theft of the heat pump has cost Billy his job.

NICK CAN’T DO RIGHT FOR DOING WRONG Leanne instructs Sam to put his posters back on the wall as Oliver’s old bedroom is now his and she wants him to feel at home. Sam hugs her gratefully.

ELSEWHERE Kevin advises Tyrone to ditch the idea of writing his own article as nobody wants to hear him badmouth Fiz.

Wednesday 21st July 2021

EMMA DISCOVERS A HEART-STOPPING SECRET When Curtis reveals that he’s heading out Steve offers to accompany him. Tracy watches, baffled, as Curtis climbs in Steve’s taxi. When Tracy reveals that she saw Steve giving Curtis a lift, Emma’s left reeling. As Steve and Curtis arrive back on the street, Tracy strides towards them demanding ansers.

NICK FRETS OVER SAM’S HEALTH Back from the park, a stressed Nick shows Leanne a graze on Sam’s knee. Leanne says he should stop mollycoddling the poor boy. Sam wanders onto the balcony, his headphones clamped to his ears. Thinking Sam is missing, a frantic Nick heads out in search of him.

TYRONE FEELS PRESSURE FROM ALL ANGLES Fiz confronts Tyrone in the cafe over his proposed article.

ELSEWHERE As a nervous Michael sets off for his interview, Danny suggests to Grace that she and Michael should join him and James at the bistro later. Laura calls in the Rovers and moans to Imran that she’s skint and can’t find a job. When Carla reveals they’re looking for a cleaner at the factory, Irman bags the job for Laura. When Sean tells her about Fiz’s article in the Gazette and how they offered to pay her to do another one, Laura’s intrigued.

Wednesday 21st July 2021


SAM OFFERS SOME SAGE ADVICE Nick and Leanne conduct a frantic search for Sam while Sam remains on the balcony.

FIZ GETS BACK IN THE SADDLE Fiz meets up with Phill in Speed Daal and they instantly hit it off. Tyrone calls in for a takeaway and is put out to see Fiz enjoying a date with Phill.

LAURA IS ON A MISSION In the prison visiting room, Laura quizzes Kelly about the night of the attack and assures her she can tell her anything. Kelly admits she suffers from flashbacks.

ELSEWHERE Over dinner in the bistro, James reveals that he’s been approached by a leading gay magazine wanting an interview. Michael, Grace and Danny are delighted for him.

Friday 23rd July 2021

TYRONE GETS ALL FIZZED UP ABOUT PHILL When Fiz asks Tyrone if he’ll have the girls as she has a second date, he refuses, telling her that he’s taking Alina out for dinner. In the knowledge that Fiz and Phill will be there, Tyrone takes Alina to the bistro for dinner. Tyrone watches Fiz like a hawk and Alina gets annoyed. Suffering from a headache, Alina heads home leaving Tyrone to pay the bill. Tyrone can’t resist making snide remarks at Fiz and Phill’s expense, but his bravado turns to embarrassment when his card is declined. In a bid to make peace, Phill pays Tyrone’s bill. Tyrone’s humiliated and takes a drunken swing at Phill causing him to trip.

EMMA STRUGGLES WITH CURTIS’ HEART CONDITION Dev tells Curtis that he wants to pull out of the calendar as it could scupper his chances of joining the golf club. Curtis promises he’ll do his best but fears it’s too late. Dev brandishes the calendar picture at Curtis and Emma and demands they put a stop to the print run. Whilst Curtis stresses over the calendar, Emma worries for his health.

KIRK HAS NEWS FOR MICHAEL In the cafe, Michael enthuses about the day nursery they’ve chosen for Glory. Kirk clocks Grace’s obvious devotion. In the factory, Kirk tells Michael it’s clear Grace is in love with him. Does Michael feel the same?

ELSEWHERE At Laura’s request, Chris the journalist meets up with her in the empty factory. Laura asks her if she’d be interested in doing a piece on Kelly and wonders how much she’d pay. Spotting a light on, Sarah finds Laura in the factory with Chris. Nick surprises Leanne with a night at a posh hotel, determined they should spend more time together.