Summer has finally started this week in the Hollyoaks village as wedding bells are chiming, but with the bride-to-be scheming to expose the groom, what surprises are in store…

Monday 19th July

  • Writer: Colin O’Donnell
  • Director: Will Brenton

The day of reckoning has finally arrived as Summer’s sinister plan to expose Brody on the happiest day of his life is underway as their wedding commences, but as Summer’s grand plans begin to fall apart, she’s forced to improvise…

Meanwhile, after Joel made a shocking discovery yesterday, he confronts his dad, Warren Fox, and they both team up to confront Brody’s bride to be…

Darren surprises Nancy with a trip down memory lane, but Nancy worries if she’s forgiven him too easily.

The summer-long charity Game of Assassins is in its final planning stages, but Yazz and Tom have very different visions of how it should be marketed so Tom recruits Romeo to help him bring in more sign-ups.

Ste makes plans to visit his aunt, leaving Sid in charge of babysitting. Whilst Leah is practicing for her dance competition, she falls and injures her foot.

Tuesday 20th July

  • Writer: James Coleman
  • Director: Will Brenton

The aftermath of yesterday’s wedding leave Brody in turmoil, but things go from bad to worse as Summer continues her plan of revenge.

The gossip mill is churning as Scott gives Theresa (and his entire social media following…) an account of what happened at Brody and Summer’s wedding. Nancy overhears, and the news hits too close to home, as she wonders whether she rushed into giving Darren a second chance…

Joel is arguing with his dad, Warren about the shocking discovery he made, and, in the heat of the moment, Joel admits that he’s been working with Felix to dig up dirt on him and Fergus…

With Leah’s ankle fractured, Sid signs her up for the assassins game. Ignoring advice from Peri, she doesn’t tell Trish about her foot, and instead commits to still being able to dance in the competition.

Wednesday 21st July

  • Writer: Katrina Smith-Jackson
  • Director: Will Brenton

When Leah fumbles the dance routine, Trish hatches a plan to leave her behind… She encourages Leah to take a break from dancing to catch her assassins target, and claims she spotted her target in the woods, so whilst Leah goes on her mission, the team leave without her…

After a shocking new accusation regarding Brody comes to light, Sienna doesn’t know what to believe. Meanwhile, scheming Summer continues taking her revenge plan to new extremes…

After Nancy tells Darren that he needs to work out how to make things right, Trish gives him some advice about living in the present. He writes a contract promising to never hurt Nancy again, but what will she sign…

It’s prom at school this week, and Brooke asks Nancy and Darren for help in finding an outfit.

Romeo and Yazz’s ideas for assassins keep clashing with Tom’s rules but despite his worries, they continue to play assassins their way.

Thursday 22nd July

  • Writer: Karissa Hamilton-Bannis
  • Director: Will Brenton

Summer must think on her feet after an innocent bystander gets caught in the crossfire of her scheming…

Meanwhile, Damon supports his best friend, Brody, as the walls close in on him, and Damon tells him that the best thing for him to do right now is to run, but will he be able to leave his daughter, Faith, behind…

After a text from Scott doesn’t add up, Sid realises that Leah is missing, but will she be found… Meanwhile, Trish is in hot water for not looking after Leah, but manages to spin things in her favour…

Trying on dresses seems to make Brooke feel worse. Later, Brooke, Imran and Juliet talk excitedly about the prom but its uncomfortable when Imran asks Brooke about the future, so Juliet makes up a reason for him to leave so they can have some time alone to talk.

Friday 23rd July

  • Writer: Steve Hughes
  • Director: Will Brenton

Scott and Sid realise that they’ve been told two different stories by Trish. After telling Ste that Trish sent Leah into the woods, Ste lashes out at Trish for letting her ego get in the way of looking after the children in her care. Trish confides in Scott about why the competition is so important to her.

Cher continues to confide in ‘Jade’ about coming second to Mercedes in her dad’s eyes. To get his attention, she plans a surprise party for him but Sylver doesn’t give Cher the reaction she expected and even worse for her, Mercedes is coming home. Meanwhile, Romeo is convinced that it’s a birthday party for him.

Brooke reacts negatively after being voted prom queen, so Brooke goes to see Ripley and confides in them. Ripley takes Brooke’s mind off things, and, in the process, mentions their non-binary support group. Later, Brooke has an announcement.

Sienna is confused and doesn’t know what to believe since new revelations about Brody have come to light, but conniving Summer tells her that she’s not thinking clearly.