Monday 30th August

Writer: Jonathan Larkin

Director: Sean Glynn

FROM BAD TO WORSE… Cher receives some devastating news, but she promises to put things right. Later, her McQueen family covers for her, but can she be redeemed… 

KEEPING A SECRET… A guilt-ridden Cleo agrees to take Walter to his dialysis appointment. She worries that she won’t be able to act normal around him since she knows the identity of his attacker, but will she tell him the truth.. 

DANGEROUS PERSISTANCE…Luke refuses to stop in his search for Sue’s prison pen pal, and an anonymous text leads Luke and Ollie to a perilous situation… 

SURPRISE GUEST… Elsewhere, Zara announces that her aunt Lydia has come to see Cindy, but what is it about… 

FINANCIAL ISSUES… Still keeping Diane in the dark, Tony tries to get credit from their supplier but is unsuccessful. When Diane tries to help by calling the supplier herself, she ends up leaving Tony with a five-thousand-pound bill and no way to pay it off, but Luke is sure that they can save The Hutch if they work together. 

Tuesday 31st August

Writer: Alan Flanagan

Director: Sean Glynn

HIEST AT THE HUTCH… Cindy talks to Lydia about Luke’s condition and what she will need to get through it, and Lydia gives her a lot to think about. Meanwhile, Luke channels his energy into helping Tony save The Hutch with a day of pizza-making but the plan collapses when Tony realises that he’s underselling them. Whilst talking to Walter, Luke gets the idea to help Tony by staging a robbery for The Hutch’s insurance money and Tony reluctantly agrees, but will it be a success…

SHARED SECRET… With nothing but a guilty conscience, Cleo talks to Joel about coming clean about Walter’s attacker, but he manages to convince her that silence is the best option, and since he’s the only one that knows the truth, he offers to be her shoulder to lean on.

BIG DECISION… Mercedes is forced to pretend everything is fine to her son, Bobby after he overhears a conversation, but the reality is far from it, as, later, things take a turn for the worse when a decision is made.

FORBIDDEN LOVE… A love-lorn Shaq bonds with Verity over a cartoon they both loved when they were younger, until Sami interrupts them. Later, Theresa admits she wants to take things to the next step, but Shaq is both distracted and uninterested.

Wednesday 1st September

Writer: Jessy Keely

Director: Sean Glynn

TIME’S RUNNING OUT… When Luke doesn’t come home, Cindy and Zara are shocked to discover what’s happened, and, to make matters worse, Lydia tells Cindy that Luke is exhibiting behaviours that her husband had six months before he died…  

COME CLEAN… Later, Tony has to come clean to Darren about The Hutch’s financial issues…  

KISS EXPOSED… Making his feelings for Cleo obvious, Joel tries to make her question the stability of her relationship with Toby. To prove a point, Cleo says that she’ll tell Toby about her kiss with Joel, but she changes her mind at the last minute. When Joel overhears, he assumes that Cleo has exposed their kiss so apologises to Toby, who is furious to find out that this kiss is another secret that Cleo’s keeping… 

LOVE CONFESSION… Shaq avoids calls from Theresa because she’s mad at him for not wanting to be more serious. When they finally bump into each other, Theresa asks him to make them exclusive or to leave her alone. Back at the house, he confides in Verity about his problems with Theresa and, in the process, admits that he lied about not being in love with her…  

WEB OF LIES… Mercedes is caught in a tricky web of lies when she doesn’t want to face her new reality.

Thursday 2nd September

Writer: Richard Burke

Director: Sean Glynn

LOSING THE HUTCH… Honest at last as Tony finally comes clean to Diane, Nancy and Mandy about The Hutch’s financial situation… Mandy is furious that she’s going to lose her only source of income but with Cindy so heartbroken about Luke’s problems, arguing seems trivial. Over their last meal in The Hutch, the friends share memories.

BRAVE FACE… Luke’s impulsiveness is getting out of hand as he plans a ‘world tour’ honeymoon for after the wedding, so Zara asks Cindy to talk to a specialist. After the meeting, Cindy confides in their closest friends, Mandy, Darren and Tony, about it. Later, Luke reveals a romantic gesture for Cindy, and she is forced to put on a brave face…

TORN BETWEEN TWO…  There’s tension between Verity and Shaq since their almost-kiss. Theresa needs some consoling after Shaq calls things off between them again, claiming there is another woman, so she joins Celeste and Verity for their girls’ night, along with Cleo. Its not long before Theresa suspects Verity might be the mystery girl… 

Meanwhile, Shaq worries when he gets a text from Sami implying that he knows what’s up with him… Later, a shock confession rocks the Maalik family.

Friday 3rd September

Writer: Jayshree Patel

Director: Sean Glynn

FROM BAD TO WORSE… All eyes are on Misbah as a shock revelation in the Maalik household leaves her speechless. 

Later, when Marnie lets Juliet do extra work in the café for her CV, she ends up falling on the mopped floor. Misbah runs to her aide but a mystery man interrupts with his own medical opinion. Marnie connect the dots and Misbah admits that the man is Shaq’s dad, Ali. 

At the hospital, Misbah is too shaken up by the family reunion and leaves Cleo in charge of Marnie’s care, but with Marnie in agony, will Cleo administer painkillers without supervision… 

MEMORY LANE… Elsewhere, Tony is feeling sentimental but Diane cheers him up.

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