SAM FACES HIS WORST NIGHTMARE In the hospital, the doctor tells Nick that Natasha’s operation went well. Nick and Leanne break the news to Sam that Natasha’s been taken to hospital, badly hurt. Meanwhile Simon blames himself for Harvey’s actions and decides to tell Sam that Natasha is in hospital because of him.

JENNY TRIES TO HONOUR JOHNNY’S SACRIFICE An emotional Carla lays flowers outside the factory in Johnny’s memory whilst a drunken Jenny wants to throw a party in his honour much to Daisy and Carla’s dismay.

GUILTY DEV MAKES AADI AN OFFER Aadi confides in Summer that his dad saved Asha from the crash but left him to die. Unaware of what Aadi knows but worried about his son Dev offers him the role of assistant manager across the Alahan empire. How will Aadi react?

ELSEWHERE Leo breaks the news to David that had they had the sinkhole repaired sooner, the catastrophe of the previous evening would never have happened.


Sam tells Natasha she is the best mum in the world and as she is wheeled away to the operating theatre she tells him she loves him. As they wait for news of Natasha, Sam shows Nick the get well card he’s made.

JENNY’S GRIEF TAKES OVER As Jenny goes to pour herself another drink, Carla switches off the jukebox and locks the door, determined to put a stop to the party. A tearful Daisy calls at Daniel’s flat and tells him about her row with Jenny. Daniel offers her the sofa for the night. As Jenny sits alone in the darkened pub, crying over Johnny, she’s interrupted by a knock on the door. Leo enters and asserts that she shouldn’t be on her own.

AADI IS FORCED TO PLAY HAPPY FAMILIES A tearful Aadi tells Summer that Dev’s job offer is just his way of apologising for leaving him to die and that Asha has always been his favourite. When Aadi confirms that he’d like to accept the job offer, Dev’s thrilled and orders Asha to fetch the champagne from the fridge.

ELSEWHERE Roy voices his concerns about Harvey’s gun to Abi. Abi assures him that it couldn’t possibly be her gun as that got washed away down the sewer. Roy remains unconvinced. When David reveals that Johnny would still be alive if they’d had the sinkhole fixed sooner, Sarah’s horrified and hopes to goodness Carla never finds out.


ASHA AND NINA GET AN UNEXPECTED LEAD Asha spots Stu wearing a Weatherfield County Backpack when he reveals he found it in the rover Asha is sure it is Corey’s from the night of the attack and chases him but he gets away. Asha and Nina resolve to track down Stu, aware that this could be their only chance to prove Corey guilty once and for all.

CARLA AND JENNY GET A SINKING FEELING Daisy overhears David and Sarah talking about how the sinkhole collapse could have been avoided and tells a stunned Jenny and Carla.

ELSEWHERE In the salon flat, Emma fawns over Curtis, impressed with the way he went to Leanne’s aid and knew exactly what to do. Curtis enjoys the flattery.


ASHA HATCHES A PLAN TO HELP NINA Getting little joy from the police Asha and Nina take a photo of Stu from the shop’s CCTV and show it to Billy who confirms he is a regular at the soup kitchen. Offering to help out at the soup kitchen in the hope of finding Stu neither of the girls spot that he has heard every word.

THE PLATTS’ DIRTY LITTLE SECRET COMES OUT A furious Carla and Jenny confront David and Shona over the sinkhole. A shamefaced David admits that had they had the repairs done sooner, Johnny would still be alive.

ELSEWHERE When Curtis reveals that he’s agreed to do another shift at the hospital this evening, Emma worries that he’s taking on too much.


NINA AND ASHA FAIL TO GET IT IN THE BAG Sean offers to help Asha and Nina find Stu by introducing them to his homeless friend Dudley. He suggests that they go and speak to some of the hopeless people by the riverbank but is furious when she sees them going through Stu’s belongings. As Asha and Nina head home, they spot Stu Nina bites the bullet and tells Stu they need his help.

TEZ IS GUNNING FOR ABI Abi hands Roy wedding invitations for he and Nina and asserts that her wedding is a new beginning and a chance to put the past to bed. Roy’s pleased to see her so positive. Tez calls at No.13 and tells Abi he needs the gun back. When Abi reveals that the gun has gone missing, Tez is furious.

ZEEDAN FEELS THE PRESSURE With Alya out of the way, Zeedan takes the opportunity to launder some of Hashim’s cash through the Speed Daal till. Hashim meets up with Zeedan in the ginnel and, handing him another bag of cash, tells him he’s got a month to push it through the books. Zeedan’s heart sinks.

CURTIS NEEDS CASH FOR ANSWERS In the salon flat, Curtis runs his hand through his hair and a clump falls out. When Curtis reveals that it’s another side effect of his illness, Emma is heartbroken for him. Emma confides in Steve how worried she is about Curtis’s condition and wonders if he’d lend her the money from Oliver’s fund to allow him to see a private consultant


ASHA AND NINA BAG UP THE EVIDENCE Nina explains to Stu how Corey’s backpack could prove he killed Seb. But Stu’s adamant he doesn’t want to get involved and hurries away leaving the girls bitterly disappointed. Nina takes Asha’s hand and tells her she’s ready to give their relationship another go if she’s willing to have her back. Asha’s thrilled.

ABI’S PROBLEMS KEEP POPPING BACK UP Tez orders Abi to find the gun or she’ll regret it. As Tez makes to leave, Kevin returns home and wants to know what’s going on. Abi elies that Tez blames her poor parenting for Seb’s death. Kevin’s incensed on Abi’s behalf. Meanwhile Abi is unaware that Jack found the letter she wrote for Kevin.

RYAN IS SUSPICIOUS OF ZEEDAN His equipment all wrecked from the night of the storm, a morose Ryan reckons his DJ career is over. When Alya offers him some shifts at Speed Daal, Ryan’s grateful. As Zeedan launders Hashim’s cash through the Speed Daal till, Alya remains oblivious. As Ryan heads to Speed Daal, he notices Zeedan involved in a heated exchange with Hashim. When Ryan questions him, Zeedan refuses to be drawn, leaving Ryan suspicious.

ELSEWHERE Steve gently explains that he can’t release Oliver’s funds for Curtis as people handed over their money in good faith and it would be illegal. Emma’s deflated.

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