Series 1 Episode 1

15th April 1989. Anne Williams says goodbye to her son as he goes to Hillsborough for a football match. She will never see him alive again.


  • Adelle Leonce as Paula
  • Ashley Emerson as Sergeant John Killoch
  • Bobby Schofield as Michael Williams
  • Campbell Wallace as Kevin Williams
  • Chris Coghill as Farmer
  • Danny Burns as Police Constable (Sheffield)
  • Ellie May Davies as Sara Williams
  • Mark Dexter as Inspector Matthew Sawers
  • Martin Walsh as Barry Devonside
  • Matthew Roberts as Andy Duncan
  • Maxine Peake as Anne Williams
  • Nigel Boyle as Reporter (Medico-Legal)
  • Reginald Edwards as Sun Reporter
  • Roger Morlidge as Bob Jones
  • Roger Ringrose as Dr. David Slater
  • Simon Wilson as PC Glave
  • Stephen Walters as Steve Williams
  • Steve Weaver as LFC Steward

Anne airs Sunday January 2, 9:00pm on ITV