Monday 31st January

From nearly causing Ollie to relapse, to drunkenly crashing a vigil, James’s dangerous behaviour continues, and Becky tries to use it to her advantage. Dave has a lot of explaining to do when his children get the wrong end of the stick and suspect that he’s been cheating. Damon is on a winning streak and decides it’s time for a fresh start

1st February

It’s Lunar New Year, but the Chen-Williams family are in no mood to celebrate after a shocking secret was exposed yesterday… Meanwhile, it’s awkward for Serena when a case of mistaken identity leads her to pour her heart out to the wrong person. Elsewhere, Tony tries to impress, Donna-Marie makes a horrifying discovery, and Damon sets up his own gambling night.

2nd February

The stakes are high at Damon’s gambling night, but who will come out on top? Ste finds it difficult to stand by his spiralling boyfriend James. Lizzie opens up about feeling like an outsider. John Paul admits that he can’t stop thinking about George. Becky plans to leave the village, but will her boyfriend follow suit?

3rd February

In a heartbreaking episode, the village mourn their loved ones on the day of Sylver and Marnie’s funerals. Mercedes’ grief is made worse by a shocking comment from her son Bobby, but will she listen to him? Cher makes a life-changing announcement. And as Ste is held to ransom by conniving Ethan, will he miss Marnie’s funeral?

4th February

Mercedes panics when her son Bobby goes missing: will she find him? DeMarcus contemplates seeing his brother in hospital. Ste grovels for forgiveness. Sam has some stern words for love-struck.

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