Monday 14th February

It’s Valentine’s Day, and the theme of unconditional love is echoed in the speeches given at Celeste’s funeral. Meanwhile, Tony (Nick Pickard) buys his rival a bunch of red roses, but it’s hardly a gesture of love as he hides a microphone in the bouquet… Sienna (Anna Passey) and Ste (Kieron Richardson) go to extreme lengths to cover their tracks. And Becky (Katie McGlynn) makes a big announcement.

Tuesday 15th February

Cindy (Stephanie Waring) gives Ollie (Gabriel Clark) an ultimatum: leave his girlfriend or lose his family. But what will he decide? Tom (Ellis Hollins) takes marriage advice from Tony (Nick Pickard). Ste (Kieron Richardson) learns some shocking information. Dave (Dominic Power) is determined to build bridges with his estranged daughter.

Wednesday 16th February

Sienna (Anna Passey) jumps to Ethan’s (Matthew James-Bailey) defence when he lands himself in trouble, but just when Sienna thinks she’s got him off her back, Ethan turns his attention to her sister… Ollie (Gabriel Clark) is in a tricky situation as he’s forced to pick a side. Yazz (Haiesha Mistry) writes a new article for Tom (Ellis Hollins), but a huge mix-up could have big repercussions. Dave’s (Dominic Power) children have a change of heart.

Thursday 17th February

The Maalik family are horrified to discover that they’ve made front-page news in The Chester Herald, while Misbah (Harvey Virdi) bravely visits Ali (Raji James) in prison. Shaq (Omar Malik) feels like he’s never going to be good enough for Verity (Eva O’Hara), and goes into self-destruct mode when he makes a regretful decision. Ollie (Gabriel Clark) talks to a psychiatrist. Sienna (Anna Passey) upsets her sister while trying to protect her.

Friday 18th February

The Maaliks are forced to play happy families when they have a surprise visitor, but with multiple issues bubbling under the surface, will their secrets be outed? Warren (Jamie Lomas) puts on a brave face as he tries to hide his health struggles. Sienna (Anna Passey) lies to Liberty (Jessamy Stoddart) in a bid to keep her safe.