ADAM TAKES MATTERS INTO HIS OWN HANDS Adam’s car windscreen has been smashed. Adam vows to put a stop to Jeremy Bremner’s intimidation campaign. Adam tracks down Jeremy to his work and confronts him. Admitting to keying Adam’s car, Jeremy denies being behind the graffiti and the windscreen. Adam gives up arguing and retreats. Sarah frets to Carla and Lydia that Adam may have unnecessarily provoked Jeremy further.

KELLY’S FRESH START TURNS STALE Kelly’s delighted when Stu invites her, Gary and Maria for a complimentary meal at Speed Daal. As Kelly enjoys Stu’s cooking in Speed Daal, they are all stunned when Laura interrupts and announces that she’s dying.

AMY KEEPS SCHTUM ABOUT HER NEW LOVE INTEREST Amy confides in Asha and Summer that it’s early days but things are going well with her new boyfriend. Asha advises caution, citing her disastrous association with Corey.


ADAM GETS SWATTED Held at gunpoint by armed police, Adam and Imran are shocked to learn their office is being searched for a firearm following a tip-off. The police turn the office upside down. Imran and Sarah blame Adam for antagonising Jeremy. Adam insists on reporting Jeremy to the police for the false tip-off. Adam receives a silent phone call.

KELLY MAKES A TOUGH DECISION Laura’s wounded by Kelly’s disbelieving reaction to the news that she has stomach cancer and only months to live. Kelly admits to Gary that Laura looked ill enough to be telling the truth. Gary reminds her that Laura’s still been a terrible mother and Kelly owes her nothing. Kelly furtively slips out of the flat, unseen.

AMY’S SECRET LOVE REMAINS A MYSTERY Tracy and Mary speculate that Amy’s secret boyfriend is a much older man. Tracy ropes in Emma to grill her, but Emma soon backs off.


ADAM’S HARASSER TARGETS SARAH Adam covers when he receives another anonymous phone call and assures Sarah they’ve heard the last of Jeremy. Adam confides in Imran about the calls but ignores his advice to report them. Sarah and Gail are taken aback to find a large bouquet of flowers in a vase. Sarah’s thrilled by Adam’s gesture but later Adam’s baffled when Sarah thanks him for the flowers. Fishing out the card, they are aghast to read the threat, “Next bouquet will be for your funeral.” Sarah and Adam deduce that, because the flat door was deadlocked, whoever left the flowers could still be there.

AMY’S MYSTERY MAN IS UNMASKED Amy reaches her eighteenth birthday and Steve, Tracy, Emma and Carla set up the bistro for Amy’s surprise party. Steve and Tracy nip home to No.1 for a candle for the cake. Finding the chain on the front door, they spot someone inside through the letterbox. Steve races round the corner and, intercepting the intruder’s escape, tackles him to the ground in Rosamund Street. Steve and Tracy are shocked when his hood drops to reveal Jacob.

GARY AND MARIA FEAR FOR KELLY Kelly feigns illness in front of Gary and Maria in order to skip school. Kirk reveals to Gary that he saw Kelly out and about late last night and recalling Kelly felt rough earlier, Gary and Maria fear Kelly’s back on drugs.

ELSEWHERE Roy offers to accompany a grateful Nina to her doctor’s appointment. David chats to Shona and predicts a bleak future for Max.


ADAM DETERMINES TO CATCH HIS TORMENTOR Sarah calls the police and as Adam explains to the officer about Jeremy’s harassment campaign, Sarah’s horrified to learn about the silent phone calls. Ed changes the locks for Adam and Sarah. Adam orders Sarah to take Harry and stay with Nick. Sarah sends Peter round to the flat to keep Adam company. Adam receives more phone calls and Peter urges him not to answer. As Adam’s phone rings out, his tormentor stares at the outgoing call on their mobile.

JACOB CAUSES A FALLOUT OF BIBLICAL PROPORTIONS Steve sits on Jacob until the police arrive but Jacob insists he stole nothing from No.1. Meanwhile, Tracy cancels Amy’s party. Tracy fills her in on the drama with Jacob and Amy requests some peace and sends Emma and her parents to the Rovers. But Steve suspects she wants them out of the way for a birthday tryst with her secret boyfriend. Returning to No.1, they find Amy heading out. Amy calls at the police station to clear Jacob’s name. As Jacob’s released without charge, he and Amy share a kiss.

KELLY PUTS EVERYONE BEFORE HERSELF Kelly arrives home where Gary tackles her with his theory she’s been scoring drugs. Kelly vehemently denies it.

ELSEWHERE Nina informs Roy and Asha that the doctor has put her on the waiting list for counselling but she must try to tackle her anxiety in the meantime.

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ADAM’S TORMENTOR HOLDS THE KEY TO SUCCESS The tormentor, lets themselves into Adam and Sarah’s flat and after snipping the heads off two red roses, leaves a note reading ‘`Happy Valentine’s Day. It might be your last’.

AMY REVEALS HER SECRET BOYFRIEND Amy lies to Steve, telling him that the police called and they’ve released Jacob pending further investigations. When Summer and Asha quiz Amy about Jacob’s break-in, she leaps to his defence and Summer realises that Jacob is the mystery boyfriend. Amy begs Summer and Asha not to spill the beans about her relationship with Jacob. Steve installed a CCTV camera in the backyard of No.1. Amy meets up with Jacob in secret and assures him they’ll work something out.

DANIEL DECIDES TO EXPEL HIS LIE Daniel calls at No.8 and apologises for letting slip about David’s ordeal.

ELSEWHERE Gary returns home to find Kelly packing her things. When Elaine suggests they have a movie night together, Tim’s all for it. A mischievous Sally, tells Elaine that ‘Terms of Endearment’ is his favourite film. As Tim and Steve settle down for movie night, they’re horrified when Elaine reveals that the film she’s lined up is ‘Terms of Endearment’.

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