Steve is swinging when he’s winning in scenes airing on the ITV soap tonight when he sees red over his daughter’s relationship with the former drug dealer.

Tensions reach breaking point in tonight’s episodes when Steve orders Jacob to stay away from Amy after her drink was spiked in a club. With the suspicion falling solely on Jacob due to his unsavory past with drugs, he has no choice but to try to convince the Barlows that he is innocent. 

However Jacob will face the wrath of protective dad, Steve, who is hellbent on separating the teen star crossed lovers. 

Spoilers for next week reveal the pair who split this Friday will continue seeing each other in secret despite the objections from Amy, Steve and even Leanne who try to make the troubled teenager see sense.

Steve lets his fists do the talking (Picture: ITV)

Actor Jack James Ryan talks us through the moment he is whacked:

Amy’s drink has been spiked and a lot of fingers are pointing at Jacob which is understandable given his past with drugs. All Jacob wants to do is see Amy but Steve wants him to have nothing to do with his daughter. Jacob is being persistent and he brings sandwiches and crisps for Steve and Tracy to try and help. Steve asks Jacob to leave but Jacob is pleading with Steve to let him stay. Steve’s son, Oliver, is mentioned so Steve sees red and punches Jacob. Jacob is totally shocked by this; he is totally surprised and didn’t expect Steve to do that. Jacob is so disappointed because now he knows at this point, it’s going to be near impossible to win them over. But Jacob is going to continue to fight for Amy.

Jacob is on thin ice with Steve (Picture: ITV)

What advice would you give to Jacob if he was your friend?

I think he needs to win the respect of Steve and not just through what he says but his actions as well. Rome wasn’t built in a day so Jacob needs to know that it’s going to take a bit of time for Steve to see Jacob’s true colours and to see what he is about, it’s going to be a long road.

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