Faith’s world comes crashing down when Luka is targeted by a predator posing as a football scout, who proves adept in manipulating Jacob into believing his cover story.

Sah treats a patient whom they recognise as an old friend of their father, which gives them the push to open up to Teddy about their family.

Teddy encourages Sah to open up.


  • Arin Smethurst as Sah Brockner
  • Ben Deery as Darren Rylott
  • Charles Venn as Jacob Masters
  • Elinor Lawless as Stevie Nash
  • George Rainsford as Ethan Hardy
  • Jason Durr as David Hide
  • Kirsty Mitchell as Faith Cadogan
  • Michael Brandon as Bill Phillipsen
  • Michael Stevenson as Iain Dean
  • Milo Clarke as Theodore `Teddy” Gowan
  • Osi Okerafor as Matthew Afolami
  • Raj Bajaj as Adith `Adi” Kapadia
  • Shalisha James-Davis as Paige Allcot
  • Tom Mulheron as Luka Malinovsky
  • William Beck as Dylan Keogh


  • Writer – Naylah Ahmed/Stephen McAteer
  • Producer – Mat McHale
  • Director – Paul Riordan

Casualty airs on BBC One at 9:30pm Saturday 19 February 2022