Monday 7 March

James (Gregory Finnegan) has a lot of explaining to do after taking his gambling a step too far and making a life-changing decision. Misbah (Harvey Virdi) decides to join a dating app, while Shaq (Omar Malik) makes a decision about his own love life. Charlie (Charlie Behan) isn’t happy when he overhears Nancy’s (Jessica Fox) opinion about his behaviour.

Tuesday 8 March

As part of a special episode for International Women’s Day, dismissive terms used against women are challenged and reclaimed by the female village residents. Verity (Eva O’Hara) gets a surprise visitor. Sienna’s (Anna Passey) partnership with Ethan (Matthew James-Bailey) continues to drive a wedge between her and Ste (Kieron Richardson). And Shaq (Omar Malik) has a change of heart.

Wednesday 9 March

Sienna (Anna Passey) is set an important task, while a strapped-for-cash Ste (Kieron Richardson) makes a dangerous decision. Misbah (Harvey Virdi) plays a practical joke after a relative meddles in her love life. Imran (Ijaz Rana) gets an offer he can’t refuse. And Serena (Emma Lau) makes a shocking confession.

Thursday 10 March

Ste (Kieron Richardson) is in for a fright when Ethan (Matthew James-Bailey) shows him the devastating consequences of his actions. Shaq (Omar Malik) takes a drastic approach as he continues to go through a crisis of love. And as tension builds between his daughters, Dave (Dominic Power) does his best to mediate.

Friday 11 March

Guilt overwhelms Ste (Kieron Richardson) before he gets the shock of a lifetime – and things take an even bigger turn for the worse when he’s blackmailed… Meanwhile, Sid’s (Billy Price) past comes back to haunt him, the Maaliks resort to an intervention for Shaq (Omar Malik), and Cindy’s (Stephanie Waring) wedding plans start to unravel.

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