Chas and Charity Dingle are still at odds, with big events taking place at both the Woolpack and the B&B at the same time. Things are getting complicated.

Charity isn’t only angry that the Woolpack refit isn’t quite finished, but Chas has accepted a job at the B&B. Chas and Mandy then decide to hold Liv and Vinny’s engagement party at the B&B knowing that it will conflict with the grand opening of the Woolpack, purposefully interfering with Charity’s launch.

In the wake of Charity’s discovery, she puts on a brave face to hide her hurt, knowing that the family will all be at the engagement party rather than her reopening. Chas proposes to Vinny a solution after Mandy becomes annoyed by the status quo – they should make their fake engagement party into a real wedding reception.

And Liv and Vinny agree to go ahead with the plan. Soon both Mackenzie and Pollard do their best to sabotage each other’s events. Ahead of the grand reopening, Mackenzie and Marlon are united ahead of the big double day. Despite this, Marlon is concerned the food delivery hasn’t turned up. Whilst, following a rat infestation, Lydia tries to find a new venue for Liv and Vinny’s bash.

After a day filled with disaster, Charity is soon on the warpath and arrives at the Village Hall to have it out with Chas. Liv and Vinny’s wedding celebration is ruined when a mystery hand activates the sprinkler system just as she walks in, dousing the warring cousins in water.

When Charity rubs Lydia’s homemade potato salad in Chas’ face, things reach new heights and the pair get scrappy.

It’s one very messy fight for the warring cousins (Picture: ITV)

Emmerdale air these scenes Monday March 7 at 7pm on ITV.

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