Returning Reverend Lexy receives good news about a new kidney. But as she catches up on the lives of old friends, will she provoke Hanssen to wonder what he really wants from life?

Josh seems to have moved on from his bulimia, but when his relationship with Claudia resurfaces will it prove a kill or cure situation for him?

Jac’s operation. The final chance to beat her tumour. But she has a dreadful demand for her ‘would be’ surgeon and a task for Sacha. Are these the wishes of a woman still fighting or one who has accepted her fate?


  • Alex Walkinshaw as Adrian “Fletch” Fletcher
  • Belinda Owusu as Nicky Mckendrick
  • Bob Barrett as Sacha Levy
  • Clare Burt as Madge Britton
  • Chan Woo Lim as Jeongsoo Han
  • Davood Ghadami as Eli Ebrahimi
  • David Ames as Dominic Copeland
  • Dawn Steele as Ange Godard
  • Guy Henry as Henrik Hanssen
  • Hamish Clark as Ken Davies
  • Jenny Howe as Alexandra ‘Lexy’ Dunblane
  • Jaye Jacobs as Donna Jackson
  • Jo Martin as Max Mcgerry
  • Lucy Briggs-owen as Amelia Ebrahimi
  • Paul Bradley as Elliot Hope
  • Rosie Marcel as Jac Naylor
  • Trieve Blackwood-cambridge as Josh Hudson
  • Tyler Luke Cunningham as Louis Mcgerry
  • Zoe Aldrich as Anita Blaise


  • Writer – Andy Bayliss
  • Producer – Ray Mcbride
  • Director – David Innes Edwards

This episode of Holby City airs March 22 on BBC One at 19:50