What starts with party planning and proposing turns into a nightmare for Marlon Dingle (Mark Charnock) and Rhona Goskirk (Zoe Henry) when the loveable chef suffers a stroke. The Dingles rally round to try and be supportive with Lydia (Karen Blick) urging Charity (Emma Atkins) to make amends with Chas (Lucy Pargeter) before it is too late.

Monday 21 March

After many hurdles, and both eager to propose, Rhona and Marlon simultaneously put their plans in motion and propose at the same time in a moment of pure joy. Marlon dashes off to find the ring he left back at Smithy but as an elated Marlon rifles searches for the engagement ring, his vision becomes impaired. Chaos ensues as he falls to the ground and realises that he’s suffering from a stroke. Frightened and disorientated, Marlon desperately clings onto consciousness as he scrambles to remember the F.A.S.T acronym.

Tuesday 22 March

The Dingles bond over their mutual concern for Marlon and Rhona and Mary explain to April that they will always be family.

Charity pays a visit to Sam and Lydia who encourage her to make amends with Chas before she comes to regret it.

Jai’s eager to support Laurel in whatever capacity he can. Left to babysit the children, he realises how desperately he misses life with his family.

Manpreet tells Liam she will not be testifying in court and the atmosphere quickly turns sour as Liam worries that he’ll never get justice for Leanna.

Wedneday 23 March

Rhona anxiously waits for Marlon to come round, wondering how this one moment will shape the rest of their lives…

Laurel’s left feeling guilty as she lies to Arthur about the reason for her break-up in order to preserve his perception of Jai.

Vanessa reassures Charity that Marlon’s bound to recover – using her own cancer survival story as reference.

Thursday 24 March

Jai believes there’s hope for him and Laurel but Laurel’s frustrated that Jai thinks he can repair their relationship and Jai’s devastated by the depth of Laurel’s pain as she shoos him off the property. Laurel’s gutted when a frustrated Arthur who is unaware of the real reason for her break-up to Jai, accuses her of sleeping with someone else but Jai sets him straight.

Lydia delivers Chas some tough love, challenging her to be the bigger person in her feud with Charity. Heeding Lydia’s words, Chas joins her family in the Woolpack and Chas and Charity settle back into their old rhythm behind the bar.

Life at the Woolpack struggles to continue without Marlon and a heart-to-heart results in Charity begging Chas to move back into the pub but will she?

Sparks fly during Ethan and Marcus’ lunch and later, the two end up passionately kissing in the HOP office.

Friday 25 March

Jai’s humiliated when Kim asks him to work a shift waiting tables in the Hide.

Ethan and Marcus become increasingly smitten with each other.

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