Shocked by Montana’s indecent proposal, Leo wants to think about her offer, and confides in Glen. When Leo later returns to Montana with an answer, Glen comes clean to Terese and Chloe. Terese refuses to let Leo go through with it, just as she finds out they won the tender…   

Harlow arrives in London, continuing to ignore Ned’s calls. A brief flirtation with a charismatic stranger puts her in a good mood and her day gets better when she meets up with her Aunt Harriet. However, their fun hits a snag when Harriet realizes she’s lost Prue’s diary and Harlow’s devastated.

Ned tries to play happy couples with Amy but he’s increasingly distracted by Harlow’s silence. Amy worries his mood is because he feels pressure to have kids. Is he going to let his fling with Harlow ruin a sure thing with Amy?

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