Nicolette is rattled by the prospect of Ishani moving in with Chloe, and Ishani considers backing out. Eventually Chloe wins Ishani over with an honest insight into her history with Nicolette, while Jane helps Nicolette see this as a chance to redeem herself in Ishani’s eyes. It seems that everyone has made their peace with Ishani’s decision to move into No. 24 – but what none of the girls realise is that the person most rocked by it is Glen.  

When Leo tries to back out of a rendezvous with Montana, he’s dismayed to find she won’t let him. Leo worries about what he’s gotten himself into and David advises him to shut it down. But Montana refuses, leaving Leo with no idea how to navigate this without upsetting a major Lassiters partner.

With Curtis by her side, Shannon overcomes her nerves and gets her hearing tested. But even after the test proves that she needs an aid, Shannon remains reluctant, admitting that the whole process makes her too aware of her age. Eventually, Curtis helps Shannon realise that a hearing aid will help her better connect with her granddaughter and it leads to a heartwarming breakthrough for her and Aubrey.

Now that Freya is free from stress, there’s nothing standing in the way for her and Levi. It’s clear these two are primed to get together. But when David goes to work, he finds a chilling anonymous note on his desk, simply declaring ‘I know what you did.’ Is the Gareth nightmare returning?

Neighbours airs Monday to Friday at 1.45pm and 6pm on Channel 5

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