Does Daisy see Nicky as being a big threat to her relationship with Daniel?

Yes, for sure. As soon as she first clocked her, I think she was instantly suspicious of what her relationship actually was with Daniel, because he’s been so sketchy about answering any of her questions. So that sort of just fuelled the fire, if anything.

Prior to Nicky turning up, how committed was Daisy to her relationship with Daniel? Does she see it as a long-term thing?

Yeah, absolutely. She’s all-in with Daniel, and if you think about Daisy – who she was as a character when she first rocked up – it’s being with Daniel and wanting him to love her, and loving him has made her a much better person. So hopefully she sees it as a long-term thing. And hopefully he does as well. It just depends how many obstacles they keep checking in their way!

Daniel and Nicky are working so closely together with the school – does that make Daisy even more jealous?

Yeah. I mean, when this school trip first comes about, they’re doing that storyline over the Easter holiday, so she’s expecting to have all this time off with Daniel. And then all of a sudden, he’s got to plan this trip, which she takes on the chin. And then someone else drops it in that, ‘oh, by the way, Nicky’s helping with this trip’. So Daniel didn’t tell her. So that, again, is sketchy, shady behavior, he’s not being upfront about stuff, which just enhances her jealousy and her suspicions.

She pops round to the school to take them and pack lunch – and it doesn’t go well, does it?

Yeah, exactly. The initial excuse was that Nicky was helping Daniel with the trip and that’s better because it will free up more of his time, when in fact, it does the opposite. And all of his time is now spent with Nicky, they’re just all-consumed by this school trip – which Daisy just sees as a really naff excuse that she’s assuming is actually because they just want to spend time together. So she does indeed rock up with a packed lunch and sees them close. They’re quite intimate, and Mrs Crawshaw drops them in it and goes, ‘Oh I would knock before you go in because they’re all close and friendly’. She assumes they’re together, which backs Daisy’s suspicions. She’s already thinking they’re being dodgy and suspicious, so she’s not happy about that.

So what’s Daisy’s plan to get Nikki out of the picture?

[Laughs] oh Daisy! Daisy decides that the logical thing to do is to try and set her up with someone so that she’s out of her and Daniel’s relationship. So she decides to try and set her up with Ashley, who she used to go out with. Yeah, because she thinks well, ‘he’s a footballer. He’s got a bit of money – he’ll be a nice distraction. What’s not to like?’. And she thinks that’s a really good plan on her part, and tries to set them up.

So what happens when she introduces Ashley and Nicky to each other?

Well, this is the thing. They’re obviously really weird with each other, and she doesn’t understand why. They’re really sketchy to each other in the pub. And then it’s Ashley that actually tells Daisy what Nicky’s occupation used to be. So that’s how she comes to find out about her being a sex worker – it’s not through Daniel, it’s not through Nicky, it’s through Ashley.

So what’s she thinking? That Daniel was lying to her?

No, she assumes that Daniel doesn’t know, and that it’s some sort of dirty little secret of Nicky’s past and that Daniel’s also totally in the dark. So she thinks she’s got this ridiculous piece of gossip, and can’t wait to tell him because she thinks that that’s going to somehow darken the image of Nicky in his eyes – which is obviously totally incorrect, and super judgmental anyway.

How do you think she’s going to react if Daniel reveals the truth to her?

Well, this is it, because once again, he’s made so many active choices to lie to her and to dance around the truth, and to not be upfront with her. Again, he doesn’t tell her, she overhears it from Beth. That’s how she finds out. So every time she’s finding out a new piece of information – they’re little slaps in the face, and it’s another slap in the face that it never comes from Daniel, the person that she wants to hear the truth from. It’s from all the people around her that seem to know more than she does.

Then these pictures end up being circulated around the school. Can you just tell us a bit about that?

Ashley tells Daisy about Nicky’s old sort of stage name, if you will, when she was a sex worker. And unbeknown to Daisy, Max overhears that and starts Googling – and these pictures come up and then all of a sudden, they start circulating around the school. And unfortunately people assume it’s Daisy when it’s not.

How far would Daisy go to get Nicky out of the picture?

The thing is, it’s sort of taken out of her hands. She’s just got all the facts. She’s just got all the information she’s been asking for, for weeks. She does lose her temper, her and Daniel do have a row. Like I said, she is trying to grow as a person and as a human. So she calms down and goes to talk to him. And she does try to be a bit of a better person about the whole situation and just says, ‘you know, look that’s fine. That’s in the past, I can get over this, if you could just stay away from her for a bit’. Which isn’t unreasonable, I don’t think. I know that they’re working together, but they don’t have to, you know. He could make more of an effort to be a little bit more considerate of Daisy’s feelings. Unfortunately, the whole Max thing then just escalates and takes out of her hands.

Do you think maybe they can overcome this obstacle and figure everything out between them?

Oh, I’d like to think so. But I mean, they’re so on and off, aren’t they? I’d like to think so. So we’ll have to see what the future holds.

Will Nicky and Daisy see eye to eye? (Pictures: ITV)

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