Still wary of Montana and her relationship with Leo, Paul is reluctant to invest in her cosmetics line. He’s secretly asked John Wong to look into her affairs; there’s no telling what he’ll discover…

Karl’s keen to show Susan he can give her the life she deserves, and he’s convinced investing with Montana is the way to do it… but Susan won’t budge. Despite this, he goes to see Montana with a $20k cheque; will he go against his wife’s wishes?

Seeing Harlow and Corey together, the green-eyed monster appears in Ned. He tells Harlow he’s jealous, but she berates him for his admission since he’s still with Amy. The two resolve to keep their distance, but the bubbling feelings remain.

Amy is desperate to make a good impression at the Soiree with a new dress, but it’s not ready in time. She attends the party with the fabric pinned together, and it’s not long before her major ‘farshun’ moment turns into a fashion disaster.

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