Monday 18 April

Mercedes (Jennifer Metcalfe) is on a mission to get her son Bobby (Jayden Fox) back, but little does she know that his Auntie Wendy (Jennifer Armour) has a devious plan… Elsewhere, after Joel (Rory Douglas-Speed) is involved in an altercation, Warren (Jamie Lomas) and Felix (Richard Blackwood) hatch an outlandish plan to get revenge, but there’s an unexpected turn of events. Tom (Ellis Hollins) urges Yazz (Haiesha Mistry) to start doing what she loves again. And Ella (Erin Palmer) takes offence to a kind gesture from a fellow student.

Tuesday 19 April

Goldie (Chelsee Healey) hatches a plan to prove that Mercedes (Jennifer Metcalfe) is the best person to look after Bobby (Jayden Fox), but will it go without a hitch? Meanwhile, a name is revealed in relation to Warren’s (Jamie Lomas) hit-and-run, Yazz (Haiesha Mistry) struggles to keep her journalistic tendencies in check, and Mason (Frank Kauer) makes a huge decision.

Wednesday 20 April

At Hollyoaks High, John Paul (James Sutton) throws himself into arranging a fundraiser, but has he bitten off more than he can chew? Still being kept away from her son, Mercedes (Jennifer Metcalfe) resorts to extreme measures to get Bobby (Jayden Fox) back home, by ambushing him while he’s on a school trip. Yazz (Haiesha Mistry) becomes suspicious of her mum’s friendship with Zain (Jonas Khan). Honour (Vera Chok) tries to suss out what’s wrong with Mason (Frank Kauer).

Thursday 21 April

There’s a shocking discovery for John Paul (James Sutton), who must act quickly to save himself before his secret is exposed. Elsewhere, after a mediation is organised, Mercedes (Jennifer Metcalfe) and Wendy (Jennifer Armour) decide to let Bobby (Jayden Fox) choose who he wants to live with… And Yazz (Haiesha Mistry) weighs up her options.

Friday 22 April

It’s the day of the charity fundraiser for Freya (Ellie Henry) at Hollyoaks High, but as his blackmailer ups the ante, will John Paul (James Sutton) crumble under the pressure? Elsewhere, Goldie (Chelsee Healey) and Theresa (Jorgie Porter) stage an intervention for Mercedes (Jennifer Metcalfe), but will they get through to her? And Martine has a very important meeting with the hospital.

Monday 25 April

It’s time for John Paul (James Sutton) to face the music and admit how severe his alcohol addiction has become. Martine (Kelle Bryan) shows everyone that she’s not ashamed of her body. Sienna (Anna Passey) and Ste (Kieron Richardson) struggle to hide their earnings and turn to an accountant for help. Darren (Ashley Taylor Dawson) plans to prove to Nancy (Jessica Fox) how much he loves her.

Tuesday 26 April

John Paul (James Sutton) burns bridges when he refuses to accept help from Sally (Annie Wallace), and Mercedes (Jennifer Metcalfe) has a brutal solution. Meanwhile, dreams shatter for Olivia (Emily Burnett) at Hollyoaks High. Elsewhere, Ste (Kieron Richardson) takes matters into his own hands, but it doesn’t go to plan. Felix (Richard Blackwood) comes up with an idea to cure his son’s boredom. And Darren (Ashley Taylor Dawson) commits to his romantic gesture, but will it be well received?

Wednesday 27 April

Olivia (Emily Burnett) covers the tracks of her blackmail, but has she done enough to make sure John Paul (James Sutton) doesn’t find out? Ste (Kieron Richardson) and Sienna (Anna Passey) find out more about Ethan’s (Matthew James-Bailey) dangerous boss and are forced to come up with a plan fast. Felix (Richard Blackwood) throws himself into planning a youth club, while Yazz (Haiesha Mistry) struggles to keep her investigative skills at bay. And Darren (Ashley Taylor Dawson) has a proposition for Luke (Gary Lucy).

Thursday 28 April

Ste (Kieron Richardson) and Sienna (Anna Passey) are about to make a risky move, but someone beats them to it… Elsewhere, Martine (Kelle Bryan) and Felix (Richard Blackwood) have conflicting ideas when they receive a letter from their son. Olivia (Emily Burnett) continues to work her way into Sally’s (Annie Wallace) good books through any means necessary. Scott (Ross Adams) is a bundle of nerves for his final panel with the foster care agency. And there’s a burger-selling contest for a job at the Grande Bazaar.

Friday 29 April

Ste (Kieron Richardson) and Sienna (Anna Passey) come face-to-face with their surprising accomplice, and Warren (Jamie Lomas) issues a brutal ultimatum… Elsewhere, Theresa (Jorgie Porter) gives Olivia (Emily Burnett) some harsh truths. Charlie (Charlie Behan) struggles to control his anger. Juliet (Niamh Blackshaw) turns to Nadira (Ashling O’Shea) for relationship advice. And the results of the burger-selling contest are revealed.

Friday 29 April E4 EPISODE

Ste (Kieron Richardson) and Sienna (Anna Passey) come face-to-face with the dreaded ‘undertaker’, and during the tense showdown, a deadly ultimatum is given… Elsewhere, things get off to a rocky start when Scott (Ross Adams) meets his new foster child. Verity (Eva O’Hara) decides to take matters into her own hands. And Ollie (Gabriel Clark) comes up with an idea to make sure Luke (Gary Lucy) doesn’t miss out on big moments to come.

Hollyoaks airs on Channel 4 at 6.30 and E4 at 7pm