The end of the road for Meena, Noah is revengeful, Vanessa is stunning, Leyla is shocked and Kim has demands for Jai in another week of Emmerdale drama.

What is Noah planning?
Noah goes to great lengths with Chloe buying her gig tickets. But she’s off with Nate at the first opportunity. She’s soon cheering up Nate who is licking his wounds after a call where Tracy has admitted she is dating someone new. An unseen Noah spots Chloe with Nate and looks revengeful.

Birds and bees the Dingle way!
Worried about the way Samson treated Cathy, Lydia orchestrates a ‘birds and the bees’ chat between Sam and his son.

Meena’s time is up but how long will she get?
After taking the courtroom and the judge hostage there is no way Meena could walk free, or could she?

Dan is worried about Amelia
Dan is concerned about Amelia’s internet usage and newfound interest in influencers; his friends devise strategies to help. But will Dan’s efforts backfire?

What is Leyla and Suzy’s history?
Vanessa accepts an invitation to dinner but her world is thrown into chaos when she spills wine over her phone. With Jonny sick she has no way of calling Suzy to cancel. The next day Vanessa wonders what she can do to make it up to Suzy. Soon she’s dressing up to impress for a wine tasting at David’s Shop. The date goes well and they soon move onto the Woolpack for another drink but Leyla’s rattled to see Suzy and Vanessa together and Vanessa’s curious how the pair know each other. Suzy explains it’s through work but Leyla’s clearly shaken and Suzy promises to keep her secrets.

Kim makes demands and backs Jai into a corner
Kim demands, in order to keep his job, Jai steps up as manager by firing his part-time colleagues and re-hiring them on zero-hour contracts and offers to promote him for his troubles, Jai’s unsure whether or not to betray his friends. Jai finally reveals the situation to Laurel and she’s stunned to hear he intends to go through with it in order to keep his job. Laurel insists he should fight for his friends’ rights. Later that day, Jai’s forced into a corner when Kim coldly reiterates if Jai doesn’t do it, she’ll hire someone who will.

It’s WAR between Cain and Al
Chas warns Belle against Al because she’s worried he’s got ulterior motives. When she relays her doubts about Al and Belle to Kerry she starts to wonder if there is something going on between the pair. The next day, as Al and Belle enthusiastically regale their business plans, Al notices Priya’s upset. When he questions her she opens up about her body confidence issues which leads to a charged moment where they lean in for a kiss… Soon Kerry notices Al constantly checking his phone and her suspicions pique. Meanwhile, Al and Priya agree their encounter shouldn’t have happened and decide to keep it between themselves… but an eavesdropping Cain overhears and has other ideas.

Meanwhile, Kerry digs for dirt on Al and Belle and heads to confront the wrong pair as they are conducting a meeting with a wellness influencer. Later, in the Woolpack, Cain is nursing a pint when Kerry arrives and he deliberately lets slip about Al and Priya’s rekindled spark. Ballistic Kerry throws a pint over Al during his resurrected business meeting. Carrie the client backs out of the business deal, leaving Belle devastated. Seeing a smug Cain watching the spectacle from the bar, Al realises who leaked his secret. Later on Main Street, the men draw battle lines – war. And Kerry demands Al collects his stuff and leaves.

Mother doesn’t know best!
Paddy sets up an Easter egg hunt and Marlon watches via video, Rhona’s grateful to Paddy. The next day, Rhona’s shocked by how much yesterday’s activity has taken out of Marlon, hoping his exhaustion won’t impact his consultancy meeting. Mary confides in Faith over the stress Rhona’s under, worrying how she will cope as a full-time carer.

Meanwhile, the consultant assures a gutted Marlon, although she’s pleased with his progress, he’s in the best place possible. Rhona presses the consultant for a timeline on his recovery. When Rhona arrives home she lashes out to see Mary with Faith in the pub. After her outburst, Mary worries Marlon’s move home will only increase Rhona’s exhaustion and urges her to consider the impact on herself and the kids. Rhona’s horrified by her suggestion of a separation and throws Mary out appalled at her mother’s insensitivity.

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