Anne Lister’s (Suranne Jones) former flame, Isabella ‘Tib’ Norcliffe (Joanna Scanlan), threatens to derail Anne’s idyllic honeymoon by revealing details of her complicated romantic past to Ann Walker (Sophie Rundle).

Questioned by Ann in the foothills of Mont Blanc, Anne Lister reveals something of her relationship with Mariana Lawton (Lydia Leonard), but keeps back crucial information.

Back in Halifax, the couple’s daring trip abroad has raised the alarm among Miss Walker’s family, who hatch a plot to marry her off to a man. On their return home, Anne and Ann are shocked by a hostile move from Aunt Ann Walker (Stephanie Cole), and danger awaits in the form of a pair of spying children.

Over at the Sowden’s farm, Suzannah (Amy James-Kelly) is consumed with regret about moving in with Thomas (Tom Lewis), whose dark temper frightens the family.

Gentleman Jack airs Sunday, 17 April, 2022 at 9pm BBC ONE