At one point you were playing a tearaway teen, and now you’re the dad on the receiving end of that. Is it nice to see that progression in your character?

Yeah, it makes David realise how bad he was as a kid growing up, when he didn’t think he was. He just thought he was misunderstood. Similar to what Max is probably thinking now, so it’s nice that the shoe’s on the other foot, so to speak.

Is David regretting his past behaviour at this point?

Well, he’s sort of oblivious as to how he was when he was a kid. Kirk has a scene with him on the Street, he says something like, well, you were twice as bad when you were a kid, and David is like, no, I was fine! And Kirk just bursts out laughing, like, as if you were! I think David’s just oblivious as to what he was like when he was a teenager. He’s got a very selective memory!

Max has sent these pictures around the school of Nicky. How does David react when he finds out about that?

David’s in a weird situation, because he always tries to defend Max and I don’t know why. I think it must be something to do with the fact that he’s not biologically his and Max doesn’t know that he covered up his father’s murder. Then his mum died. He’s got Lily, who’s David biological child, but he always tries to do a little bit better for Max because he probably thinks well, he’s got no parents. And he feels that massive responsibility.

So what does David do this time? 

First of all, he defends Max and goes, well yeah, she did used to be a sex worker and she shouldn’t be teaching kids. And if Max has made that available for the public to see then good on him. I think he’s got that sort of attitude towards it. But then Daniel’s like, she could lose her job, she could lose her house. And then Daniel says he’s gonna tell Amy about the spiking. That’s when David thinks, we need to come up with a plan and a story, and make sure we haven’t done anything wrong. So I think he’s on Max’s side, he’s trying to get him out of it the best that he can.

At one point, David was going to report Max to the police himself for the spiking…

Yeah, he was gonna go and teach him a lesson but then Shona said, you can’t do that because he’ll end up in prison, and then he’ll go down the same spiral that his dad did, that you did, you don’t want that for Max. You need to not tell anyone, but you need to make sure he never does this again. But I mean, he’s making a rod for his own back because he is letting him get away with everything. 

Max thinks that Daniel is bluffing about telling Amy – does David agree?

No, he thinks he will tell her. He’ll end up in trouble, but he’s only going to end up in trouble with his family, is Daniel. He’s not going to end up in trouble with the law. So, I don’t think David would put it past Daniel to tell Amy and Steve.

Later in the week, Max and David have a big argument. Can you tell us about that?

Max turns up to the barbers for the day and he’s like, what am I doing here? And David says, you’re staying here so I can keep an eye on you. And then while he’s there, he’s on his phone and David gets annoyed so he goes, give me that, and then he locks it away in a safe. So it’s locked away in this safe and he can’t get it. Max then goes back to the barbers later on in the day, after David’s locked up, to try and break in to get his phone. He goes through the window, gets his phone, and as he’s coming back, he severs his main artery in his thigh getting out of the smashed glass. Max has to get rushed off to hospital, it’s touch and go that he might die because he’s lost a lot of blood. And then David blames himself, of course he does, he goes this is all my fault.

It must be terrible for David to witness though, Max in such a terrible state in this pool of blood…

Yeah, it is, there’s a lot of blood, he is on the street. It’s sort of reminiscent of Kylie, I guess, being on the street with all the blood. There’s ambulances, and it’s all coming back to David. So he’s scared, basically, because he thinks it’s happened before, it can happen again. It’s not looking good.

How would David feel if something terrible happened to Max? 

It would send David on a downward spiral because he’s watched Max grow up from three or four years old. He’s always felt like his father to him. So if Max did die, of course it would destroy him.

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