Life has been far from easy for April, Rhona and the family who have soldiered on since Marlon’s stroke recently. Rhona’s determination to get her man home has been met with concern by her mother Mary who worries about the strain it will put Rhona under.

Monday April 25

Kerry passes comment on the number of filters Amelia is using on her social media photos – is there something to worry about?

With the picket line outside the HOP putting off the customers can Kim get Jai to fix the situation or will he make it worse?

Cain and Chas watch from the pub as an emotional Marlon arrives back home.

Tuesday April 26

Things are not slow for Marcus and Ethan as Ethan moves into Tall Trees.

Jai and Laurel meet with a stubborn Kim and present a case study against zero-hour contracts.

When Marlon starts choking a panic April worries he is having another stroke and Marlon despairs to see the stress his condition is placing on his family, adamant he should return going to hospital.

Will Rhona cope with Marlon at home? (Picture: ITV)

Wednesday April 27

Can Charles resist the urge to wind up Marcus?

When a packet of drugs are found Jai has a lot of explaining to do to a furious Laurel as he tries to tell her that Kim must have planted them.

Thursday April 28

Jai fights tears as he realises he’s just lost everything and soon things are made worse.

What is creepy Noah playing at now when he steals Chloe’s phone?

At the police station, Ethan meets Jordan who’s been arrested on suspicion of assault. Determined to do a good job Ethan takes the case. But after having interviewed his client Ethan’s startled to see the CCTV image of Jordan’s victim.

Friday April 29

With a frosty atmosphere between them both Jai and Laurel’s jobs are on the line when they can’t stay professional.

Malon and Rhona are dealt another blow when Charity informs him he’ll have to go onto statutory sick pay.

Clearly Chloe isn’t interested in Noah but he continues to follow her….

What is Noah’s plan now? (Picture: ITV)

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