Tonight in Shieldinch… Amber finally faces Lydia and asks her some tough questions about her fake death; Stevie is caught in the crossfire between competitive dads, Sam and Andrew; and Nicole quickly discovers breaking up with Darren Foulkes may not be as easy as she’d hoped.

Darren’s arrival in Shieldinch unsettles Lenny as the arch rivals exchange thinly veiled threats against each other. Meanwhile, Amber prepares to meet her mother and uncover some uncomfortable truths.

Amber calmly interrogates Lydia about what happened and where she’s been all this time. She comes close to forgiving Lydia but is riled when she constantly blames Lenny. As far as Amber’s concerned, Lenny would never abandon his family like Lydia did. Devastated by Amber’s outburst, Lydia fears her daughter will never forgive her.

Meanwhile, knowing the feud with the Foulkes family is about to get dangerous, Lenny urges Mulvaney to dig up some dirt on Darren.
Stevie acts as peacemaker between Sam and Andrew, scolding them for being selfish. Together, they agree the sooner they get a DNA test, the better.

Andrew offers to get the test fast tracked through his medical contacts. Sam tells Stevie that, although he knows the odds are stacked against him, he hopes he’ll be his dad – secretly, Stevie feels the same. Andrew tells Scarlett about the paternity test plans and hints that he hopes they can rekindle their relationship once again. She quietly hopes Andrew is Stevie’s dad.

Elsewhere, Nicole attempts to call time on her relationship with Darren. As Darren’s demeanour darkens, he threatens Nicole telling her he decides when their relationship ends, not her.

River City airs at 10pm on BBC Scotland