How has Imran been feeling since everything came out in the open?

It has been a mixture of emotion, the overriding one is of guilt for everything he has put Toyah through, sadness over the loss of Elsie and then love for his son. He is now extremely grateful that Toyah has forgiven him and agreed to fight for custody of Alfie with him.

Is there any part of him that thinks she is just doing it to be a mother?

He genuinely loves Toyah and he believes that she loves him. He realises she has always wanted to be a mother but he is blinkered really and just has this dream in his head of him and Toyah finally having the family they always wanted.

Does he feel guilty about what he is doing to Abi by fighting for custody?
Yes but more than that he genuinely does believe that Alfie would be better off with him and Toyah because of Abi’s history.

How worried is Imran on the wedding day when he sees Abi drive Toyah off in the car?

He is terrified. He has no idea what Abi plans to do with Toyah, he knows that when she is desperate she behaves in an irrational way and he is genuinely fearful for Toyah’s safety.

Does he worry that Abi might talk her out of marrying him?

Of course he knows that Toyah does have a deep rooted moral code and also is worried about Abi so there is always the chance that Abi could get to her. He also knows that other people have been against the wedding so there is every chance that this could be the thing that makes Toyah take a long hard look at the situation and change her mind.

How does he feel when she arrives at the wedding and still wants to go ahead with it?

He is beyond relieved. The wedding is everything he wanted it to be and their vows prove to him that he is doing the right thing.

What happens when they all leave the Bistro?

He sees Abi, she had expected Toyah to cancel the wedding and Imran just sees red and tells her that she is an unfit mother and that everyone knows it.

Is he at all affected by Kelly asking him not to take Alfie from Abi?

I think at this stage he has just become blinkered and he is prepared to do whatever he can to give him and Toyah the family they want. He can be very selfish and this is an example of that.

So far Imran has not actually gone as far as to break the law to get Alfie back but what happens when Ben offers tomlie for him?

Ben has been tailing Abi for Imran to prove she is taking drugs. When Dean approaches Abi to get some drugs she pays him off to stay away. Ben has photos of this and shows them to Imran, he knows what the pictures really show but he is prepared to lie in court for Imran. This could be the moment that Imran crosses a line and if Toyah were ever to know then it might be the end for them. I’d like to think he wouldn’t do it but as I said he is desperate and selfish.

Will there be a wedding? (Pictures: ITV)

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