When Freya brings Levi a peace offering, he feels too betrayed and refuses to hear her out. He reflects on their relationship – she’s been nothing but trouble and pain – and realises he can’t forgive her. Freya’s devastated, but he’s determined to move on.

Harlow’s bemused to find Corey still in Erinsborough… and doesn’t realise he’s a member of The Order trying to bring her in. He gives a secretive USB to his Order contact, but not before making his own copy. What is he up to and is Harlow in danger?

When Kiri’s mum Barbara arrives at the vineyard for a surprise visit, Glen’s oblivious to the bombshell just around the corner. Unaware of their connection, Kiri wants to introduce her mother to her co-workers. It’s looking like Glen’s secret is about to be exposed…

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