Tonight in Shieldinch… Stevie’s DNA plans are thrown into turmoil as Sam struggles to deal with his emotions; fearing her surrogacy plans have reached a dead end, Ellie makes a shocking decision; and Bob and Roisin’s secret relationship grows more complicated.

After discovering Sam’s done a runner, Stevie goes looking for his would-be dad. Sam slowly opens up about his anxieties surrounding the DNA test: to him, he already feels like he’s Stevie’s dad and would be devastated to discover he’s not. Stevie reassures him that no matter what the results are, they are in each other’s lives now.

As they come together again to do the test, Andrew can’t help but notice how similar Sam and Stevie are, and wonders whether the odds are stacked against him.

Ruby tells Maggie she worries Caitlin and Ash are a bad mix, and is far from happy that her parents are close again. Maggie urges her to talk to Caitlin, who reassures her it’s nothing serious – and reveals she’s more concerned about being perimenopausal.

Later, Caitlin opens up to Ellie about her diagnosis. She tries to make Ellie see that not going through with the surrogacy was for the best, but is stung by her sister’s furious reaction. The divide between the siblings grows deeper.

Increasingly desperate, Ellie sets her sights on a new surrogate – her niece, Ruby. However, Maggie is shocked by the idea and urges her daughter to stay silent.

Angus does his best to make Bob and Roisin go public with their secret relationship. Despite Bob’s assurances he’s happy with the arrangement, Angus senses he wants more.

River City airs at 10pm on BBC Scotland