As Ned’s Fashion Week stress climbs, Harlow’s encouragement lifts his spirits. Corey cunningly pushes her to confess her feelings, but she’s reluctant after all they’ve been through. As Fashion week looms, will Harlow and Ned be able to resist their undeniable attraction?

Hyped about Fashion Week, Mackenzie continues to bail on her commitments. Hendrix can’t hide his disapproval, so she confronts him for his lack of support. When he fears he’s losing the real Mackenzie, they’re left furious with each other. Will they be able to work it out?

Susan’s appalled that Montana’s blown them off, and forces Karl to speak to her. Guilty, she gifts them a VIP Fashion Week package, which convinces him this is the beginning of their new, luxurious life… but in truth, they’re heading for a terrible fall.

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