PETER CAN’T CONTAIN HIS ANGER When Peter and Carla find out what Mr Thorne did, Peter angrily demands an apology. Peter declares that he’s going to put a stop to his abuse of power. Peter finds Mr Thorne in a restaurant. Mr Thorne winds Peter up and Peter loses his temper and punches Mr Thorne. The police arrest Peter on suspicion of assault. At the police station, Peter is charged with assault.

SUMMER LETS AADI DOWN GENTLY  Summer reveals to Aadi that she’s joined a diabetic support group. Later, when he suggests to Summer they could try again, Summer admits she’s fallen for someone else. Summer meets up with Aaron from the diabetic support group and opens up about her bulimia. Aaron’s taken aback and Summer worries that she’s scared him off.

KELLY IS AN UNLIKELY CONFIDANTE FOR ABI Kelly finds Abi in Seb’s memorial garden.

ELSEWHERE George reveals that he suffers from sleep apnea and shows Eileen the mask provided by the doctor.  Sarah tells Kirk that from now on, all he has to do is answer the phone. Jacob answers the call and pretending he’s Kirk, efficiently takes the client’s order. Sarah tells Carla that Kirk has secured a huge order with Danny Mintoff who’s been giving them the runaround for years. How will Jacob react?

Wednesday 11th May 2022

CARLA HAS A THORN IN HER SIDE On behalf of Peter, Carla tries to make amends with Mr Thorne but she is shocked when he asks her to dinner. Reluctantly she gives him her number on the basis he will call her about dropping the charges against Peter. Meanwhile, Mr Thorne offers to drop the charges against Peter and retire with immediate effect if, in return, he withdraws his complaint with the hospital. Peter returns home and Carla accidentally leaves her phone behind. Peter’s horrified to read a message from Mr Thorne telling her he looks forward to their dinner. What will Peter do? Peter tells Carla that he intends to make him pay.

SUMMER’S INSECURITIES RESURFACE Aaron assures Summer that he’s in no way judging her, but reckons it’s best if they don’t see each other outside of the support group. In her bedroom, Summer looks at her reflection in the mirror, hating what she sees.

IMRAN WANTS TOYAH TO FEEL INVOLVED Leanne suggests Imran and Toyah to have a naming day for Alfie. Imran tells Toyah that Abi won’t be going to the naming party.

ELSEWHERE When Sarah suggests he should work his sales magic on Mr Needham, is the game up for Kirk? Meanwhile, Tyrone suggests that Fiz should stay and watch their favourite TV programme together for old time’s sake, what will Fiz say?

Friday 13th May 2022

ABI TURNS THE TABLES Abi films Ben as he buys some drugs, but Ben clocks her. Abi gives Ben a choice, either he admits that Imran paid him to lie or she’ll share her video of him buying drugs with his boss and the police. What will Ben do? 

PETER WON’T DROP HIS VENDETTA Peter calls the Gazette and asks them to run an article about Mr Thorne’s unethical medical practices. Peter asks Aggie to dig through the NHS records and provide him with any information which might incriminate Mr Thorne. Aggie explains that she can’t afford to risk her job, but will she decide to help? 

TYRONE LEARNS HOW HIS OTHER HALF LIVES  When Tyrone offers her a lift home, Fiz is touched and admits that she never had this trouble when she lived at No.9. As Tyrone pulls up outside Fiz’s new house, she offers to show him around, is there a spark between the pair? 

ELSEWHERE Sally offers to accompany Tim to the doctor’s, but he insists he wants to go on his own. Kirk finds Tim loitering outside the medical centre but Tim makes excuses and does a runner. Tim lies to Sally, making out that the doctor said his condition is nothing to worry about and perfectly normal after a major operation. Meanwhile Summer tries to call Aaron but it goes straight to voicemail. 

Coronation Street airs hour-long episodes on Monday, Wednesday and Friday at 8pm on ITV.