Al (Michael Wildman) is in serious danger when he crosses Cain Dingle (Jeff Hordley) once too often in huge week for Emmerdale. It’s a week packed with drama as Charity (Emma Atkins) faces an impossible choice, Gabby (Rosie Bentham) lives in fear of Jamie coming back and a shooting leaves one resident in a life or death situation…

It’s been building for a while as Belle (Eden Taylor-Draper) started dating Al’s son Ellis and more recently turned business parter, despite warnings, with Al. Cain has good reason to want Al long gone after the trouble he has caused among the family such as burning down the pub to try and swindle it from them.

As it stands at the moment Al has tried to make himself out as the good guy to Kerry (Laura Norton) by sticking up for Amelia after sick comments that Noah (Jack Downham) made. This should have told Noah to back off but he has creepily developed an unhealthy fix on Chloe (Jessie Elland). Noah’s stalker behaviour has grown steadly worse over the last few weeks by installing a tracker app on her phone, stalking her with a drone and snooping through her bedroom after he took her keys.

Chloe finally learns the truth (Picture: ITV)

With Chloe none the wiser about Noah’s actions she spends her time hanging out at the house with him and is left impressed by his knowledge of music – it being the exact same type of music she likes. It’s when the missing house keys that Noah took turn up the reality starts to dawn on her and she confronts him. Noah doesn’t understand that anything he has done is wrong and bluffs his way out of it.

When Chloe sends Sir Creeps-a-lot on an errand for snacks she snoops through his laptop (seriously you’d have thought a password would be in order) and the penny drops exactly what he has been up to.

However, when Chloe confronts him over exactly what she has discovered he reacts badly to her trying to take his laptop, blocks her escape and traps her in the house.

The situation that Charity walks in on is terrifying and leaves her torn over what to do.

Will Cain finally get the ultimate revenge? (Picture: ITV)

Al is so sure that Cain has sabotaged his car that he dares him to test drive it and stands defiantly on Main Street as Cain speeds towards him only just stopping in time.

With Al already on Cain’s radar and Al having already warned Noah over his treatment of Amelia will Al take revenge on Noah?

A trailer and spoilers have revealed that we will see an open grave – will Noah be buried alive?

Who is in trouble? (Picture: ITV)

Events take a turn for the worse later in the week when a car is left a crumpled mess….

Emmerdale air these scenes from Monday May 9 on ITV.