Monday 23rd May 2022

PHILL CAN’T DIG HIMSELF OUT OF THIS HOLE Tyrone is still suspicious of Phill and what he is up to. Meanwhile when Hope borrows Phill’s laptop she  is the one who uncovers the truth and in true Hope style takes revenge. Phill hears the noise of the mini-digger on the driveway and dashes round the house to see what’s going on. Phill’s horrified to see Hope and as she pulls a lever, the digger’s arm swings round and smashes the windscreen on his car. What has Hope discovered? And does this spell the end for Fiz and Phill? 

FAYE STEPS IN TO HELP SAVE HER DAD’S MARRIAGE Faye quizzes Tim about his row with Sally. Tim attends his appointment accompanied by Sally.  When Tim reveals he’s suffering from impotence, Dr Gaddas suggests she’ll alter his medication. 

NICKY TRIES TO BUILD BRIDGES Daniel breaks the news to Ken that he’s giving up teaching. Nicky calls in the Rovers to speak to Daisy. 

ELSEWHERE  Amy and Jacob call at No.1 with their overnight things. Meanwhile, Billy confronts Summer and accuses her of failing to take her meds regularly.  Summer flies off the handle and storms out. 

Wednesday 25th May 2022

PHILL CEMENTS HIS LOVE FOR FIZ Tyrone calls at Phill’s house to collect Fiz’s things, hoping this now means they’ll be reunited. However a row ensues and as Tyrone makes a grab for Phill, they lose their balance and fall headlong into the wet cement on the patio. As Phill scours the wet concrete, he reveals that he’s lost an engagement ring. Tyrone finds the ring. Phill pulls out the ring and asks Fiz to marry him. As Tyrone waits in the wings, will Fiz give Phill another chance or have her eyes been opened? 

SUMMER MAKES A RISKY DECISION Having demolished two bags of crisps, Summer dispenses her insulin down the sink. Paul returns home with the takeaway and Summer assures him she’s taken her insulin. Summer checks her blood sugar only to find that it’s far too high.  Summer starts to panic. Summer checks her blood sugar again and is relieved to see that it’s come down.

IMRAN AND TOYAH GET SOME SURPRISING NEWS Abi asks Imran and Toyah if she could have Alfie for a whole day, next Monday. Toyah agrees and Imran is forced to go along with it. In the cafe, Toyah takes a call from Lou, the social worker, requesting an urgent meeting to discuss Elsie. 

ELSEWHERE In a bid to impress Steve, Jacob offers to message his mate who’s a roofer to fix the roof tiles. Elsewhere, Faye reveals that she’s been referred to a fertility specialist.  

Friday 27th May 2022

KEVIN DOESN’T WANT TO LET ABI GO Abi gets the two fake passports and plans to travel to Costa Rica. Kevin admits that he’s never stopped loving her. Abi admits that she’s leaving tomorrow and taking Alfie with her. Abi pleads with Kevin to keep her plan a secret. Kevin tells Debbie about Abi’s crazy plan to abduct Alfie. Debbie asserts that he has two choices, tell Imran or hope that she gets away with it. Kevin approaches Imran in the street, will he come clean about Abi’s plan? 

SUMMER HAS A HYPER DURING HER EXAM Having secretly tipped her insulin down the sink, Summer sets off for her exam. As Summer embarks on her maths exam, her vision becomes blurred. Summer’s horrified to realise she’s left her diabetic kit at home. As Summer is loaded into an ambulance, she tearfully explains to Aadi that her blood sugar level is sky high, will she be okay?

SEAN DECIDES TO BE MORE FRANK A guy called Frank calls in the Rovers and flirts with Sean and it’s obvious he’s smitten. As Frank leaves, Jenny urges Sean to go after him.

ELSEWHERE Faye researches alternative therapies to HRT on the internet. Beth advises Faye to avoid dodgy websites and go with the HRT as the doctor knows best. Faye’s left disheartened and Craig wishes his Mum would shut up. 

Coronation Street airs hour-long episodes on Monday, Wednesday and Friday at 8pm on ITV.